How Can I Add Peace to an Violent World Without Being Overly Anxious?

Missing planes, youth dying, countries taking over hurting people, governments punishing their people, robbers taking from those with little, murderers stealing innocent lives – we are constantly hearing about violence and unrest in the world. It breaks my heart just thinking about it. Often I wonder, “How can I help? I need to do something to be of us and stop this misery. But what?”

Then, I begin to wonder what will happen if this turmoil comes to where I live. There are many in communities near me who are struggling, hungry, and feeling broken. How can I reach out to them? What if this starts to affect me in a deep way, like my family is killed or my home destroyed? This could happen any day.  This video impacted me greatly and reminded me of this.

These thoughts make me very anxious and upset. What is happening needs people to take action and make changes. We need to be informed about problems. And yet, hearing of them fills me with guilt and dread. How dare I eat food when others starve? Why should I sleep in peace while others are dying? Am I just taking up space and making the world a worse place?

How can we care for others and bring peace into the world without feeling guilty or anxious? Some of those feelings are normal, healthy even. But we cannot let them consume us. Otherwise, we just become a mess and unable to help anyone. Bringing peace cannot come from anxiety or guilt brought on by disordered thinking.

Thus, I came to realize that I need to help the world in my own way. As much as I desire to feed starving children, teach reading to the illiterate, aid suffering people, and break down corrupt governments, there is only so much that I can do. My passion is helping those struggling with mental illness and their families. I can support people who help other people groups, but these are my main focus. That is not selfish or unkind but realistic and setting myself up for success. This way I can pour out my energy into one area and help in that way with the best of my abilities instead of spreading myself out in to many ways and not helping any of them very much.

That is how I have come to see helping others and adding peace into this world. Hopefully, you can find the area you want to focus helping. It will bring great relief not worrying about helping everyone and being anxious or guilty about doing your part to help.


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