Recovery in the Media. #40. The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Sweet but honest, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is as quirky and hopefilled as its main character.

Sweet but honest, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is as quirky and hopefilled as its main character.

40. The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Sometimes, a preview for a movie piques your interest right away and makes you wait in anticipation for its release. That is what happened for me with The Odd Life of Timothy Green. A cute child, loving parents, dreams fulfilled, a tad of magic, lots of imagination – it sounded like just the film for me. Although I did not see the movie in theaters, I snatched it up the first chance I had at the library. What I expected to be a happy family show turned out to be deeper and more beautiful than I had thought. Although a bit different some of the films I have reviewed, this film has some messages that could be helpful in recovery such as hope, dreaming, and the importance of family.

Synopsis: Cindy and Jim Green are a happy young couple. Everything seems lovely in their life except for one thing: they cannot have a baby. Heartbroken, the couple writes down qualities in their ideal child. The box containing these traits is buried in the backyard in a attempt to move on with life. However, that night, a strange boy with leaves growing on his legs shows up at their door. Immediately Cindy and Jim are taken with this sweet and innocent child. As they welcome him into their life, things begin to change. Everyone who knows Timothy is touched by his honesty and kindness. Yet, as the summer draws to an end, the leaves on Timothy begin to color and fall. Will this child just brought into the Green’s life have to leave again?

Recovery Pluses: We all have dreams that seem impossible. That is how the Greens feel in the beginning. However, instead of giving up, they find out how to re-frame their dream and make it come true. Sometimes, we need to reevaluate what we wish for and change it. At the same time, giving up does not fix the problem. Instead, finding a balance between reality and our dreams is important. The Greens slowly discover this. This also is true of our expectations for others. At first, Cindy and Jim long for a perfect child. As they get to know the quirks and oddities of Timothy, this couple realizes the beauty in being different and imperfect.

Timothy teaches the audience many lessons through his curious and sweet nature. He is honest, sometimes to a fault, but also very kind and caring. Every person is someone new to touch and inspire in his eyes. If you are willing to be innocent and good-hearted like Timothy, you will be hurt but also loved dearly. The Greens also show the importance of hope, family, and loving others. In fact, most of the main characters in this film have pure intentions and want to spread good in the world. Seeing that is inspiring and uplifting.

Cautions: There is little objectionable content in this film. One quick swear word, some bullying, and a bit of mature content concerning life, and death are the main reasons for its PG rating..

Overall, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a bit sappy but sweet and inspiring. Sometimes our dreams cannot happen in the way that we wish. However, that does not mean awful things are in store for us. Instead, we need to find a balance between reality and fantasy. That message helped me to rethink my life and goals. Plus, this movie reminded me that being hopeful, innocent, honest, and a bit quirky is a good thing. Not enough people are like that in the world.

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