Going to See My Hero, Demi Lovato

Posing with Demi's guitar

Posing with Demi’s guitar

On Tuesday, my wonderful friend Taylor took me to the Demi Lovato Neon Lights Tour. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Although noise bothers me, my overwhelmed senses and ringing ears were worth seeing one of my heroes.

Overall, the concert was amazing. My friend won backstage passes. We went around to see the people who worked behind the scenes. My group of people became the first ever to take a picture with Demi’s guitar. Not only was that exciting, it also brought me so much hope. All of the people we met were so kind and friendly. Instead of judging us or acting like we were a problem, they welcomed us in like long-lost friends or family. Plus, the fact that the event was first of all a somber and clean tour made Demi even cooler. She really inspired me as did her choice of people to work with every day.

With Taylor and the DJ Cole Plante

With Taylor and the DJ Cole Plante

During the tour, we met a famous 17-year-old DJ named Cole Plante. He, like the others, was hilarious and unaffected by fame. Instead of walking around the building like the others, he zipped about on a little scooter. By the end of the evening, I wished that I could be friends for real with everyone that we met. Maybe one day we will meet again if it is meant to be. However, I will always remember them with joy and thankfulness. People like them remind me that there is good in the world. Others will not always hurt or abandon me.

Demi at sound check singing one of my favorite songs that she did not sing on tour "Believe in Me"

Demi at sound check singing one of my favorite songs that she did not sing on tour “Believe in Me”

After our tour, Taylor shocked me by buying us admission into the sound check. Here we heard Demi Lovato sing several songs and talk to us for a little while. Now here is the reason that I love Demi: she is my hero. Not only is she an amazing, talented artist and beautiful woman, she also is strong beyond belief. When I started treatment, she had just gotten out of rehab. Instead of covering up this struggle, the singer was honest. Over the last few years, I have found much comfort in hearing her story. Instead of giving up, I listened to her songs like “Skyscraper” and “Believe in Me.”

Demi is not perfect as she freely admits. However, her struggle and recovery has served to help so many young girls. Her openness about self-harm, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, bullying, and addiction allows others to speak without fear about their problems. Honestly, she saved my life. Without her songs and encouragement, I do not think that I would be alive still.

With Taylor before the concert

With Taylor before the concert

Anyway, Taylor and I went to a party with the DJ Cole Plante and other audience members for the next few hours. Having time with my friend was wonderful. After this, she once again surprised me by getting me a Demi t-shirt which I love. Anyone who did not already realize this already should know that Taylor is amazing and so beautiful inside and out!

After this, we went to our seats. However, this is when disaster struck. We went down to our floor seats (which I have never been in before and that rocked). But when they asked for my ticket, it could not be found anywhere in my purse. Thankfully, the security guard let me down because Taylor had hers. Anxiously, I rifled through the contents of my purse several times. All of the contents were spread out on our seats as fear continued to grow inside of me.

Finally, I resigned myself to the fact that I had lost my ticket. If I did not move or try to leave the area, no one should bother me. Believing that theory, I stayed rooted in nervous sweat of being caught as Taylor went to the car. Suddenly, someone appeared in front of me, asking a question. Fearful, I looked up to see Demi’s manager looking down at me.

“Are you sitting here with your friend?” She inquired. When I nodded blankly, she handed me the missing ticket. “We found this backstage and wanted to find it for you.”

Did I mention that these are amazing people? I was so shocked that I could barely mumble out a thank you. Before I could respond properly, her manger had left me alone in a state of grateful surprise.

Demi dressed as a snowman pranking Little Mix

Demi dressed as a snowman pranking Little Mix

The rest of the concert went great although I hit my head on the chair in front of me. Collins Key, an amazing young magician, did tricks between acts while Cole Plante played songs that he remixed. 5th Harmony and Little Mix opened for Demi. Both were fun and talented. The best part was when Demi came out during the Little Mix’s song dressed as a snowman. She danced around hilariously because it was their last show with her.

And then Demi performed. There are not words to describe how amazing it was. I am so thankful to have been there. The whole evening was filled with me singing, crying, laughing, and dancing with joy. Here is a video of her singing a song that I love so much.

Anyway, that is my big surprise and exciting night. Sorry for not blogging about it earlier. I hope that you enjoyed hearing about this amazing artist and my night seeing her.


2 thoughts on “Going to See My Hero, Demi Lovato

  1. Taylor says:

    This made me cry while reading this. I glad you had fun. I still can’t stop talking about it! If and when she comes again me and you should go again for sure!! You are a best freind that every one wants and I wanted to make your night special! I love you so much ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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