One Thousand Thanks: 477 – 487. Springtime Again!

SpringHappy springtime! There may still be snow on the ground, but spring is here at least. Slowly, the temperature in  Minnesota is heating up to above freezing. In fact, it will be 50 degrees later this week. How wonderful is that?

Anyway, I skipped welcoming spring last Thursday when it started. It only seemed fitting to list what I like about it this Thankfulness Thursday. Here are some of the wonderful qualities of spring.

477. Warmer temperaturesLiving in Minnesota, one must get used to the cold. However, the promise of a bit of warmth is encouraging. Even the toughest Minnesotan must like a break from the ice and snow.

478. Little streams of water – They run down the sidewalks, streets, hills, everywhere. These are still fun to splash in although I have grown up.

479. Birds singing again – Hearing this in the morning makes my heart feel a bit lighter. Sometimes I sing along in joy.

480. Longer days – Finally it is not frightening walking outside at 5:00 pm because it still feels like part of the day instead of night. The day is longer and more can be done during it.

481. More sunshine – This goes with the point above. Vitamin D and happiness come with sunbeams.

482. Plants popping up slowly – Finding little sprouts in the ground excites me. None have been seen yet, but I still am looking for any sign of new life.

483. Reminder of hope and life – After a cold, hard winter, I sometimes feel a bit hopeless. The earth is barren and no life can be seen. Then spring reminds me that the earth was just resting. It boosts my spirits and reminds me not to despair.

484. Rain boots – Oh, I loved wearing these when I was younger.

485. Finding hidden treasures – Well, this can be a bit gross or strange depending on what you find. However, it is enjoyable to see the snow melt and find your lost mitten.

486. Easter and other holidays – There are some wonderful holidays to celebrate during the spring such as Easter.

487. Baby animals – There is no such thing as a cute baby animal. I love them all.

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13 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 477 – 487. Springtime Again!

  1. komarovstyle says:

    i love spring season……… 🙂

  2. words4jp says:

    Yes – the tweeting birds. I love it. Plus – all if the geese and ducks are beginning to pair up. I love this;) there will be little waddlers soon.

  3. ladygracet says:

    Wow, your actually almost half way to a thousand. I am impressed.

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