Recovery in the Media: #42. Tenth Avenue North

This band deals with the topic great suffering and shows hope for a bright future.

This band deals with the topic great suffering and shows hope for a bright future.

42. Selected Tenth Avenue North Songs

My mother and I sometimes exchange uplifting songs. Hearing the inspiring music helps, but being sent a video that tells a similar story is even better. One of my favorite songs that she sent me was “You are More” by Tenth Avenue North. Plus, a good friend Jess loved to write quotes and lyrics. Since this was one of her favorite songs, it always reminds me of her. Because of the depth of “You are More” and how it speaks about pain, I decided to find more songs from Tenth Avenue North for Media Monday. They are a Christian group, but their lyrics will touch people from all faiths and beliefs.

Selected Songs:

    • “You are More” from their The Light Meets the Dark album
    • “Worn” from their The Struggle album
    • “Let It Go” from their Over and Underneath album
    • “Healing Begins” from their The Light Meets the Dark album
    • “Losing” from their The Struggle album

Recovery Pluses: First of all, the song “You are More” reminds listeners of their worth. There are so many places that we can take our worth from, but many of them leave us feeling empty. It is not our mistakes, choices, or any other label. Instead, it claims that we are remade and wonderful. That reassurance is so powerful. The music video adds to the impact of this message. When I feel worthless, this song reminds me of who I truly am as a person with dignity and a purpose.

Starting in a similar place of struggling, the band addresses feeling tired and hopeless in “Worn.” However, instead of completely giving up, the singer cries out to God for the promise of relief and light. This deep cry echoes in many of us. Even if you are not religious, the longing to know life will improve and that pain will cease is a normal human longing. “Worn” does not explicitly provide an answer for pain, but it does give hope for those suffering.

Longing for control is a common aspect of eating disorders and addictions. “Let It Go” (no, not the Frozen song) is about someone finally giving up control of life. Fearful, this person tries to hold on despite everything falling apart. We do have power as humans but only so much. Too often, I find myself grasping for control of things outside of my reach. Songs like this remind me to trust in my faith and others while trying to find peace with the fact that I cannot order everything.

“Healing Begins” speaks to those who are trying to be perfect. Instead of struggling to be good, it reminds us to let down our walls to receive healing. Many times, we believe that pretending to have it all together is what we must do. However, honesty is needed for true healing. You must face the dark to come into the light; you must address unhealthy issues before you can be fully healthy.

Finally, “Losing” addresses the topic of forgiveness. Instead of hating, the band asks for grace to move on from pain. There are times when people seriously hurt us and restoration is needed. However, holding onto bitterness does not help recovery. “Losing” has a powerful message about how we lose if we choose to hang onto anger and hurt.

Cautions: There is nothing objectionable in Tenth Avenue North’s music.

For years, I thought that most Christian artists were uplifting but not as talented. Sometimes, the lyrics seemed a bit too happy or unrealistic. However, many recent musicians have proved me wrong. Now I am beginning to enjoy and be greatly touched by artists and groups such as Tenth Avenue North, Colton Dixon, and others. If you have not heard their music, I advise you to give it a try. The universal theme of suffering and longing for the light can be found in everyone’s life.

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