One Thousand Thanks: 488 – 498. Favorite Flowers

Purple Irises

Purple Irises in one of our gardens

Today, my university has a day off of classes for a day of prayer and service. To serve, I went out to volunteer at a local conservatory and zoo.  Working with flowers and plants was wonderful break from homework and classes.

Gardening is important to my family. Every season, my mother spends hours creating magical gardens full of  tulips, roses, or mums. Together with my father, she also grows many vegetables in an old swimming pool. The grounds of the place we live looks amazing because of her dedicated work and creative ideas.

Thus, I enjoy getting my fingers dirty while working with flowers although I prefer arranging bouquets. Since I spent my whole morning working with plants, spending Thankfulness Thursday discussing flowers only seemed appropriate.

488. Roses – Of course they had to be on my list. This flower represents my life and journey.

489. Dandelions – Resilient and cheerful, these “weeds” are so amazing despite how much others hate them.

490. Forget-Me-Nots – My mother and I have a special relationship with this flower. I am not sure how it started, but it might have been the numerous times that I ended up muddy trying to pick them.

491. Violets – This flower also is one that I love to bring my mom as a little gift. Also, there are so many different colors and types.

492. Lady slippers – Delicate and perfect for a princess that is how I would describe my state flower.

493. Crocuses – After a long winter, one loves to see these signs of spring.

494. Bleeding hearts – These flowers only last for a short time. However, their unique formation and interesting name make them special.

495. Irises – These will always remind me of my mother because there are so many in our garden. Once again, the many colors and varieties make them even better.

496. Hibiscuses – Tropical and enchanting, hibiscuses make me feel like I am in a sunny paradise despite Minnesota snow.

497. Orchids – Someone gave one of these fragrant to my mother after Mario was born. Plus, they are so beautiful.

498. All of the rest!Really, you think that I can only pick ten? There is not a flower that I do not like as of yet.

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