What Does Unconditional Love Look Like?

Love is a word that we hear often. Sometimes it describes a close friendship while other times it holds the passion of romance. Other people might use it simply to describe their feelings regarding a cute outfit or favorite food. If you think about all of the different meanings, you might conclude that love is a word that with multiple meanings that range from intensely strong to flippantly appreciative.

However, one thing that everyone can agree on regarding love is that we desire it. Perhaps not in the romantic form, but all creature want some type of connection with others. If I had to choose what type of this word we want, it would be unconditional love. That might be from family, romantic interests, friends, parents, children, co-workers, or pets. Regardless of who we want this from, we need someone to be devoted to our best interests and truly care no matter what.

This video really reminded me of this deep desire. Although I am more of a cat person, watching this reminded me that unconditional love can come from many different sources.

However what does unconditional love really mean? Is it possible for people to really show this to others? If someone was to love us in this way, what would it look like?

PTSD, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, aspergers, and any other illnesses make it difficult sometimes to let others into our lives. People with health problems – be they mental, physical, or emotional – often have a harder time with relationships. It is the hard but blunt truth. Being a support person is a wearing task that might feel hopeless and impossible at certain points. My health issues pushed away possible friends and strained relationships with my support people.

However, I also have learned who are true friends that will stick by my side no matter what. Those who stick with their loved one show amazing love and loyalty. Does that mean they are perfect? No. However, if humans can show unconditional love, these people are the ones who come closest to it.

People cannot be perfectly able to accept others and react with care in every circumstance. Thus one might argue that unconditional love never happens between fellow humans. However, I would argue that some people show this type of care most of the time and it is still an important thing to strive for showing others.

Here are a few ways that I saw unconditional love in this past week:

  • Three of my friends – Katie, Katie, and Kaitlyn – have let me stay in their room at campus whenever I have needed to because of all of my late nights at school and the bad weather. They always open up their living space to me with eagerness and kindness.
  • My mother took time out of her work to speak with me about my struggles. Her wisdom helped me to sort out problems.
  • Two of my cast members, Aaron and Gabe, took time to practice lines with me and never complained that I was less memorized than they were.
  • My Toastmaster club welcomed me back with open arms despite the numerous times I have missed meetings because of school. I loved seeing them again and feeling right back at home.
  • The staff at Como Zoo were so kind to us as we blundered about trying to figure out what they wanted us to do. Instead of being annoyed, they patiently showed us how to do our tasks and encouraged us greatly.
  • My professors always give me kind words and helpful suggestions even when I make mistakes.

What are some ways that you have been loved unconditionally this week? How have you shown this to others? What are your thoughts about people being able to care for others in this way? What do you wish others did to love you? I would love to hear your responses!


9 thoughts on “What Does Unconditional Love Look Like?

  1. slesser1013 says:

    Anna, unconditional love is something Ive struggled to give for years but lately, I have been giving it and its such an amazing feeling to give it as well as receive it. I enjoyed reading this post because it is possible because even if someone is angry or upset, when you react with love instead of that person’s behavior you not only impact them you impact yourself and it makes a huge difference. Ultimately, giving it becomes easier and your whole life just becomes easier. You are a talented writer and I know you will be successful in your endeavors whatever they choose to be. I enjoy reading your blog and I’m glad im starting to get to know you. Keep it up 🙂 Its one of your strengths.

    • You are so very wise! Thank you for the amazing response. Allowing unconditional love into your life and giving it to others is such a beautiful way to live although it must have been difficult to reach.

  2. Dynamo Di says:

    That’s so true, many of us live our lives taking for granted the love shown to us. I have a gratitude journal now, and it is so good to be really aware of all the little unconditional kindnesses people do for me, so I will remember to write them at night.
    Oh, and I have just been talking today about fostering a dog from the rescue centre 🙂

    • A gratitude journal is such a great idea! Someone gave me the idea of writing down joys on little slips of paper and putting them in a jar. At the end of the year, you open the jar and read the papers. Oh, fostering a dog is such a wonderful thing to do! Best of luck with that.

  3. ladygracet says:

    I am not sure if dogs are actually capable of love. Affection certainly, but love…

  4. I absolutely agree that the health issues that push people away and strain our relationships can tell us who are true friends who will stay with us no matter what.

    When I opened up about my struggles, help came from some of the most surprising places…classmates who’d previously barely acknowledged my existence showing that they’d cared all along, strangers on the internet who took time out of their day to remind me that hardship can be overcome and that life is worth living, human beings who had no reason to care that much, but somehow did.

    There were also friends who supported me unconditionally through my darkest days when I was truly a horrible person to be around. There were teachers who ignored my constant negativity and just tried to help me, because of the unconditional love they had for all their students. It feels really good to be loved unconditionally like that.

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