When A Guy Gets An Eating Disorder

This is such an important issue. Thank you, Time, for addressing it.


The idea that eating disorders are “women’s issues” is such an engrained gender stereotype, that men do not even realize when they are suffering from one, a new small study says.

British researchers interviewed nearly 40 young people, 10 of whom were men, about their eating disorder experiences. The participants, who were between the ages of 16 and 25 with eating disorders, answered questions about early symptoms, recognition of their problem and getting help. When it came to the men, the findings were unsettling.

All of the men in the study said that it took them some time to realize they had a problem–and that their symptoms were indicative of an eating disorder. During that time, the men said their eating disorder-related behaviors–like obsessive calorie counting and purging–became an even greater problem. One of the predominant reasons it took these men so long to get treatment, they said, was the…

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