One Thousand Thanks: 499 – 509. Historic Events

The British Museum

The British Museum that I visited last May

Lately, I have been doing a great deal of research on historic events. Writing a mystery party on pirates has caused me to look up the Golden Age of Piracy while reading on the Egyptian Coptic Church has led me to learn more of its origins. Seeking deep into the past often fills me with excitement. Learning how things were invented, why people believed certain things, and what happened that still impacts us today interests me. In fact, I thought about studying history in college.

We do not need to dwell in the problems of the past, but history does affect us. This can change us for the better or the worse. Often, I remember things that I did years ago. Although this haunts me sometimes, it also helps me not repeat the same mistakes. The entire world should learn how to do this so we can begin to care for each other instead of repeatedly hurting others.

So here are some historic events that I am thankful for even if they might have seemed bad at the time. Some of the items on this list are serious while others are a bit silly. This Thankfulness Thursday, I would love to know what historic events you are grateful happened.

499. The Life of Christ – This has to top my list because of my faith. Even those who are not Christian hopefully can see this as a notable historic event. He did amazing things and spoke so many words of wisdom that we still cling to today.

500. The Gettysburg Address – President Lincoln was not perfect but a normal human. I wish that I could have been at this moment that summed up much of what he had striven for in his presidency.

501. Shakespeare’s First Play – Wouldn’t have been amazing to be there? Actually, being at any of his shows would have been incredible.

502. The Discovery of King Tut’s Tomb – Here is another moment I would have loved to be at because discovering new places has always fascinated me. Although terrifying things happened, the excitement and joy would be worth it.

503. The Cracking of the Rosette Stone – Speaking of Egypt, Jean-Francois Champollion’s deciphering of this ancient language has helped us understand so much more of the ancient world.

504. The Wright Brother’s First Flight – Another one of the epic firsts in history, it is crazy to think back to what they were experiencing.

505. Amelia Earhart’s Flight  – I wish that someone knew what happened to her. This mystery still bothers me. However, she is one of my heroes and a woman who deserves respect.

506. Joan of Arc’s Battles – Speaking of strong women, this girl was incredible and so strong. Her death is tragic, but her story is glorious.

507. Shackleton’s Adventure in the South Pole  – If you have not read about this amazing man and his crew, you should look into their story. They ended up stranded in the South Pole but showed great courage, fortitude, and resilience.

508. Cleopatra Emerging from the Rug – What a surprise that must have been for Caesar. Two of the most powerful people in the ancient world meeting must have been a great moment.

509. Pope Leo the Great Scaring Away Attila – This leader of the church met with the ruthless Hun before Rome was attacked. No one knows what words were exchanged, but Attila left mysteriously. What a wonderful thing it would have been to  be there and hear that exchange.

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14 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 499 – 509. Historic Events

  1. While I disagree strongly with how it was done, I am grateful for my ancestors who came to North America!

    I am grateful for the women who fought for women’s rights in North America.

    There are so many!

  2. I love history too!
    Diana xo

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  4. 80smetalman says:

    I’ve always been a big history buff and glad to know that there are others like us.

  5. sedge808 says:

    ‘Shackleton’s Adventure in the South Pole’

    is one i think is amazing.

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