One Thousand Thanks: 510 – 520. Being a Woman

Dressed up at the film festival with my friend Rachel

Dressed up at the film festival with my friend Rachel

“Mario, I want you to learn right now that if a girl says that you are lucky to be a boy or guys have it easier, just nod and smile.” I instructed my little brother on the way back from church this Sunday.

“I don’t need to know that yet.” He whined, looking out the window at the passing cars.

“No, you really do! The sooner you get that down, the better.” Seeing his disinterested face, I did not push the issue any further. However, he hopefully learned something.

Many times, I lament the struggles of being a woman. No, guys do not have simple lives. Yet, there are many pains, hardships, and annoyances that girls need to deal with in this world.

Despite that, we also have many opportunities, strengths, and beautiful traits. So I decided to focus on those this Thankfulness Thursday and list why I am glad to be a woman.

510. Wearing dresses and skirts – I rarely wear pants. Being able to dress up is usually really fun.

511. The support of other girls – While girls can be catty, they can also be so helpful when you are struggling and excited to share in your joy. My future roommates have showed me this so much.

512. PinkYes, I love pink. Maybe that makes me too girly, but I will not back down on my favorite color.

513. The freedom to be more expressive – Women are scolded for being too dramatic, that is true. However, we are more comfortable (usually) with tears, joy, and other emotions than men tend to be. This is partially because society is harder on men in this area and partly because we tend to be more emotional.

514. Having long hair – Men can have this, but it is not as common. I really do love my hair and growing it out.

515. The ability to nurture new life – This terrifies me. It is sad that people look down on women who value this. Not everyone needs to be a mother. However, having that possibility is amazing.

516. Wise women – There are many women with great strength and knowledge about life that I look up to. They are in my own life and from history.

517. Flexibility Women tend to be more flexible physically (and maybe mentally – I wouldn’t know with aspergers) than men. This is helpful in yoga and dancing.

518. Less fear of judgementI was shocked when this came to me as an idea to write down. Everyone seems to judge women! However, we can get away with certain things like singing, smiling, and being sweet that boys are bullied for sometimes.

519. Sensitivity – There are many sensitive guys. Yet, it is more common to find a girl who is willing to let this side of her show.

520. Earrings – Once again, some guys have these. Most, however, do not wear long, dangly, glittery ones like I do.

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