One Thousand Thanks: 521 – 532. Easter Joys

Signs of new life

Signs of new life

Holidays are normally a stressful time of year for me as are breaks from school. Although time away from people relieves my introverted mind, the lack of schedule irritates the aspergian part of me.

However, seeing that it is still Easter week, writing about Easter blessings seemed fitting. Plus, the beaming sunshine and gentle breeze swaying the trees slightly made Sunday nearly perfect and a nice break from our cold Minnesota weather. So, I am going to list some of my favorite elements of this holiday.

521. Searching for my Easter basket – Even now, my parents hide baskets for my siblings and me. In the past, the three girls in my family received a new swim suit each year. Now, my mother buys practical (but fun) items like our favorite food, cute school items, and items that we need at the moment. The red nail polish that I need for my show was one of my favorite items this year.

522. Bunnies I always wanted a rabbit. Maybe one day one will be mine. Seeing them everywhere brings me so much joy this time of year.

523. Singing Hallelujah – After not singing this during Lent, belting out songs with this rejoicing word is so freeing and joyful.

524. Spring dresses – Seeing all the girls in colorful, bright dresses is so fun. I love wearing these frocks too.

525. Buds on the trees – We might not have lovely blossoms on our trees yet, but the buds hint at the new life. Seeing these brings hope and encouragement even through the cold weather.

526. Easter egg hunts –  My little brother and I ran around searching for the plastic eggs at my aunt and uncle’s house. Growing up, this was great fun to do with my sisters. Christine in particular was hilarious to watch.

527. Joy of the Resurrection This season is the pinnacle of joy for the Church. After the sorrow and agony of Lent, Easter fills the world with light and hope.

528. Mass with my familyThis happens every Sunday for my family. However, there is something special about it on Easter Sunday.

529. White lilies – The Easter flower has a beautiful, fragrant scent and similarly gorgeous appearance. Churches are usually decorated with these.

530. Baby animals – As an animal-lover, I get excited over every little critter. Chicks, bunnies, foals, calves, kittens, puppies – all of them elicit the “Aw” from me.

531. White chocolate Reese eggs – Chocolate makes my head hurt. This is the only time of the year that I am able to find the white chocolate Reese peanut butter candy.

532. Joy of others – Seeing the elated smiles of parents, hearing the squeal of kids, raising my hands in worship, tasting scary but delicious foods – the joy of this holiday make it wonderful. My family and friends seem so hopeful and content that I begin to feel that way too.

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