One Thousand Thanks: 533 – 543. Wonderful Women

Calling all women!

Calling all women and girls

Throughout history, many women have discovered, taught, loved, explored, and inspired. Despite oppression in many eras, females have made the world a better place with heroic efforts and seemingly small actions. Honoring the women that I most look up to seemed like a great topic for this Thankfulness Thursday. Certainly there will be some that I miss. However this is just the beginnings of the list of wonderful women and what makes them so amazing.

533. St. Joan of Arc – This girl left home to defend her country and follow her faith. To the end, she remained faithful to her mission and relied on strength beyond herself. Few women or men have shown as much courage and tenacity as she did years ago.

534. Marie Curie – Most people think of men as scientists. However, Marie Curie was one of the best of all time. Her research on radioactivity is especially notable. Her perseverance of studying a “male” subject shows her strong will and confidence.

535. Helen Keller – Blindness, inability to speak, and deafness alone are difficult enough. This women endured all of these ailments from a young age. However, her teacher Ann Sullivan helped her to eventually understand sign language and communicate. This helped her to live a fulfilling and beautiful life.

536. Mary, Mother of Jesus – Can you imagine being pregnant in that era and trying to explain that the baby was not from a man? Her simple but powerful “Yes” to God shows her willingness to endure the painful life ahead of her. Even if you are not Catholic or Christian, I hope that you can appreciate her quiet strength to do the right thing.

537. Harriet Tubman A former slave, the African-American woman helped many of her people through the Underground Railroad. The Civil War caused much heartache and massacre. People like Harriet shone out like a glimmer of hope in the darkness.

538. Princess DianaHer life might have looked perfect for a little while. However, much pain hid beneath this beautiful woman’s smile. Struggles with an eating disorder and troubled marriage haunted her. Still, Diana served her people and loved all she met. The entire world mourned her death.

539. Emily Dickinson – This amazing poet secluded herself from the world most of her life. Yet her works still touch our hearts. The depth of pain and love throughout her works shows her brilliant mind and sensitive spirit.

540. Mary Jo Copeland – Sharing and Caring Hands is a shelter for the homeless and rest for those wandering. The founder, Mary Jo Copeland, has endured a challenging childhood and poverty. Thus, this non-profit that she started really touches those who come. She truly understand the pain of others.

541. Clara Barton – The founder of Red Cross, this woman was a nurse on the battlefield. Her tender care for the wounded soldiers matched her stubborn will to stay in the path of danger. This combination makes us still remember her today.

542. Sacajawea – Lewis and Clark would not have been able to explore America without the help of this Native American guide. She journeyed on this adventure with a young baby. Her tracking skills, quick wits, and strength make her an American hero.

543. Sarah Emma EdmondsNumerous women served as soldiers in the American Civil War. Sarah is one of them. Disguised as men, these courageous wives and sisters fought along those that they loved.

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11 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 533 – 543. Wonderful Women

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Very good list Anna but there’s two more women to add. Emmaline Pankhurst who led the suffragette movement and helped women get the vote. 19th Century reformer Dorothea Dix is another.

  2. […] the post from last week on wonderful women, writing about great men from history seemed fitting. There are numerous leaders, writers, artists, […]

  3. slesser1013 says:

    Goes to show how one person can truly have an impact on the world. These women did. Anna, Thanks for sharing this.

  4. […] These people are not perfect and I do not agree with everything that they have done. However, something about them touched my life and inspired me. Thus, the Thankfulness Thursday will focus on celebrities that I am grateful for being in my life. I will be focusing mostly on celebrities such as modern actors and singers rather than philosophers or saints because I have done that in past posts for men and women. […]

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