One Thousand Thanks: 544 – 554. Marvelous Men

My amazing father and little brother Mario a few days ago

My amazing father and little brother Mario a few days ago

Following the post from last week on wonderful women, writing about great men from history seemed fitting. There are numerous leaders, writers, artists, and activists that I look up to from all eras. Making this list and narrowing it down was difficult. Perhaps sadly, I thought of more men than women initially. This is probably because we hear more about men from past civilizations. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Thankfulness Thursday list and would love to hear about men that inspire you.

544. William Shakespeare – Of course I need to mention my favorite author. People may debate the authenticity of him writing the plays, but I remain enthralled with his words. Without his great mind, English would be a different language and theater would be a bit duller.

545. St. Thomas Aquinas – Humble but brilliant, this monk turned away from a wealthy lifestyle to dedicate his life to learning and his faith. His writing greatly influenced the Catholic Church and his kind nature caused many to love him.

546. Peter Tchaikovsky – My favorite composer, the man behind The Nutcracker and Swan Lake ballets had a very troubling life. Even as a child, music was one thing that brought him overwhelming joy. Hearing his work inspires me greatly.

547. Abraham Lincoln No one is perfect, and Lincoln certainly made mistakes. However, he was a wise man and arguably the best president of the United States. Even though many hated him, Honest Abe made decisions that he believed were the best for the country.

548. Mahatma GandhiPeople who champion for peace without using violence are incredible. There are millions who have done this brave deed but few stand out as strongly as Gandhi. I would have loved to meet this powerful but gentle man.

549. St. John Paul II – Not putting “Pope” before his name is strange because he was just canonized a couple of Sundays ago. Anyway, this man helped heal Poland, reached out to people from all religions, and forgave those who hurt him.

550. Leonardo da Vinci – Choosing between him and Michelangelo was difficult. However this man’s scientific work and overall brilliance made me pick him. Spending a day wandering through his works and having them explained is a dream of mine.

551. Marco Polo – China has fascinated me from a young age. Thus, I loved hearing about the adventures of Marco Polo. Out of all famous explorers, he seemed to respect the people and places that he went the most.

552. Archimedes – The story of him shouting “Eureka!” while running through the streets without clothing still makes me giggle. This man from Ancient Greece was so brilliant that he died rather than stop attempting to solve a math problem.

553. J. R. R. TolkienI had to add my favorite author. Without him, we would not have the best fantasy series of all time. Plus, his creativity has inspired millions of others.

554. Jesus – Putting Him on my list was a no-brainer. Whether you are Christian or not, His words of peace and love are inspirational. None of us can perfectly achieve what He taught but it gives us something to work toward with His help.

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8 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 544 – 554. Marvelous Men

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Martin Luther King should be added to the list as well and I always thought Thomas Jefferson was the best president.

  2. […] actors and singers rather than philosophers or saints because I have done that in past posts for men and […]

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