Coping Skill #46. Seeking a Thrill


Playing on some climbing ropes with Mario

Sometimes, you just need to do something thrilling, take a risk and go crazy. Living safely sometimes becomes mundane and draining. There are times when I long for adventure – to explore new lands, race across uncharted plains, soar above the earth, and break out of my anxiety.

However, finding safe ways to find a thrill can be difficult. Harming yourself is never a healthy option and neither is hurting anyone else. That might seem obvious, but if you eliminate those two elements, taking a risk becomes more difficult.

So is it possible to use searching for a thrill as a coping skill? Can this be a positive thing that helps you along in your recovery?

Certainly! Just last night, I experienced many jolts of fear, screams of excitement, and moments of pure elation at an amusement park. Swinging through the air like a bird, twirling around on a roller coaster, reaching the top of the ropes course, and laughing with friends made this evening not only adventurous but also healing.

We all have a bit of an thrill-seeker inside even if we refuse to admit the fact. Whether you enjoy feeling the window in your hair while you stand on a tall building or prefer to drive fast down a road, you look for the adrenalin rush in some way.

This search for excitement can lead to very poor choices. The news constantly reports about teenagers hurting themselves doing stupid stunts. Just look on YouTube and you will see even more poor choices. Obviously, many people go overboard when taking risks. We are not invincible and can easily be hurt (or hurt others) when we use poor judgement.

However, seeking thrills while using wisdom is possible. Amusement parks are a great example. If you follow the rules, you have a 99.99% chance of being safe. Other ways to feel that rush might be rock climbing, skiing, running down a hill, playing an intense game of flashlight tag, going off a rope swing, kayaking in rapids, climbing trees, etc. The list could go on and on.

So, I encourage you to allow yourself to take a chance this next week. Do so in a safe way while still having fun. There is nothing wrong with chasing a bit of a thrill as long as you use good judgement and do not harm yourself  or others.

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3 thoughts on “Coping Skill #46. Seeking a Thrill

  1. I’m not a physical thrill-seeker but I take risks by following my heart. ❤
    Diana xo

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