Recovery in the Media: #48. Queen

This rock band has catchy tunes, amazing talent, and deep emotions in their lyrics.

This rock band has catchy tunes, amazing talent, and deep emotions in their lyrics.

48. Selected Queen Songs

The first Queen song that I heard was in the movie Ella Enchanted when Anne Hathaway sang “Somebody to Love.” Right away, the melody and lyrics enchanted me. Years later, I now enjoy many Queen songs. Their music has catchy beats as well as emotionally deep lyrics. Many of the themes of perseverance, struggle, identity confusion, and strength speak to me. Thus, this band is who I will highlight this Media Monday

Selected Songs:

    • “Somebody to Love” from their A Day at the Races album
    • “The Show Must Go On” from their Innuendo album
    • “You’re My Best Friend” from their A Night at the Operaalbum
    • “We are the Champions” from their Girls and Boys album
    • “Don’t Stop Me Now” from their Jazz album

Recovery Pluses: First of all, the song I first heard still impacts me greatly. “Somebody to Love” addresses how all of us long for someone in our lives. Even though I have tried to convince myself I am better alone, the desire to be loved and cared for often makes me both hopeful and miserable. Whether you want romantic love or deep friendship, this song poignantly expresses our despair when we feel alone. We all struggle with feeling forgotten and unloved. Queen reminds us with these lyrics how painful but universal these emotions are.

Also crushed by the words of others, “The Show Must Go On” refuses to wallow in agony. Yes, moving on with life makes the strongest person crumble. Yet hope awaits in the future despite the pain of the present. The singer proclaims that this broken love stings but does not take away his smile. Life continues on and hope is in the future. Sometimes, we need to defy the odds and fake a smile despite the tears we cry in the dark. Slowly, our hearts will heal with help from others and our own perseverance.

On a cheerier note, Queen also addresses the joys of friendship in several songs. In one of them, “You’re My Best Friend,” the band croons to a girl who stood beside them even in rough times. With her support, there is little need to fear or be lonely. I certainly cannot say that I feel this way all of the time. However it is important to surround yourself with people who will be this type of friend and to treat them in a similar way. This song reminds us of the value of caring for and being cared for by others.

Mental illness and stresses can leave us feeling defeated. However, we are warriors and overcomers who can get through this life together. That is the reason “We are the Champions” is such an uplifting song. The beginning lyrics address the struggles everyone faces. Then the band belts out the chorus that proclaims that they are the champions. Listening to it makes me feel victorious and ready to keep fighting for recovery. We will indeed beat the monster in our heads or difficulties that we face if we stay determined and have helpful support.

Finally, “Don’t Stop Me Now” is my favorite Queen song if not my favorite song ever. Its upbeat and fun lyrics make you want to dance and enjoy life. When I am at my lowest points, hearing this song talk about being on top of the world makes my mood lift. Repressing or covering up your emotions is never healthy. Yet, sometimes choosing to smile can be helpful. If you are in a funk, try hearing this song to bring a bit of spunk to your day.

Cautions: The ones listed are fairly clean. A few (“Don’t Stop Me Now” in particular) has some lyrics that you might read into as objectionable or mature.

Queen is one of the best bands in history, most people agree. I enjoy listening to them not only because of their talent, beats, and intriguing lyrics, but also because of the depth underneath most of their music. No, their work is not perfect and can be a bit strange. However, the more I hear from them, the more that I relate to and enjoy their music. Whether I need motivation to keep eating or a reason to smile, Queen is one of my go-to music groups.

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