One Thousand Thanks: 555 – 565. Spring Semester 2014

With some great friends after The Yellow Boat

With some great friends after The Yellow Boat

In a similar nature to my fall blog post on wonderful events during that semester, I am looking back on what happened recently in school. This past semester was full of much anxiety and heartbreak but held some great moments still. Despite the difficulty, the overall experience helped me to grow as a person and in recovery. So today, I will recount some of the events I am most thankful for from it.

555. Winning a national award for the student newspaper website – This shocked me. As the web editor, I worked hard to make the site user-friendly and appealing. However, rarely did people seem to notice. Hearing from a huge organization that our site and paper won their award was so honoring and astonishing.

556. Acting in The Yellow Boat – Being in this one act really stretched me. The other actors were incredible, and our director was phenomenal. By the end, so many emotions were invested in the show, and the audience could sense that.

557. Helping to start a disability appreciation club With another sweet and wise student, I began to reach out to those who have disabilities to support them and those who do not to raise awareness. For years, this has been a dream of mine, and finally it came true.

558. Meeting Joni Eareckson This woman who has fought through so many physical and mental disorders is amazing! She is one of my heroes, and hearing her speak was a highlight of my semester.

559. Beginning to eat with othersThis semester, I finally found the courage to eat with other students. The struggle to do so still continues but has lessened with time.

560. Going to end of the year parties – Although nervous, I went to an amusement park late into the night with friends as well as to a huge theater party. Both of them ended up being very fun. Although social situations continue to be a struggle, I am glad that I summoned up the courage to try these activities.

561. Growing closer to many friends and making some new ones – People really began to surround and support me at school. After not feeling loved or wanted for years, I am finally beginning to realize that I do have friends.

562. Finaling in speech Making it to finals in speech was a huge accomplishment that astounded and overjoyed me. Next year, I hope to grow even more on speech team.

563. Attending the film festivalPart of the fun of this event was dressing up and feeling beautiful for one night. Also the student-made movies were moving, hilarious, and thought-provoking.

564. Having a teacher compliment my blog – When my professor (who is a writer) talked about my dedication and honesty, those words impacted me. He was a very wise man whose opinion I care about greatly. Hopefully I can live up to his expectations.

565. Being intiated in the communication honors society – This surprised me because I am already part of the English honors society. However, my major is between the two departments, so I can be in both societies. This gives me yet another reason to love being a Professional Writing student.

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