Can Social Media be Positive?

How can we use social media in a helpful and inspiring way?

How can we use social media in a helpful and inspiring way?

Is social media the new addiction of our society? Does it simply bring about depression in youth as they envy those with better clothing, more friends, or more exotic vacations?

Recent studies have shown the role of social media in our daily lives. It has been labeled numerous negative terms like a timewaster, cause of bullying, and distraction. Reading about the deaths it caused and stalkers it created gives us plenty of reason to pause before interacting through this new medium.

However, social media can be a useful tool that we can use for good. On my different platforms (Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube), I try to inspire others on the path to recovery and educate those unaware of mental illness. Without the internet, my goal of touching those suffering would not be accomplished as simply.

So here are five ways that we can use social media to bring about good in the world while still having fun. I would love to hear any suggestions that you have in the comments.

1. Spreading news – Knowing what was happening across the world used to take months. Now, people can help raise awareness together by posting news stories and commenting on events.

2. Eliciting laughter – Sometimes a good joke is needed to get us out of a slump. Jimmy Fallon is a great example of using social media to promote funny (and mostly clean) laughter with his #hashtags on Twitter.

3. Touching stories – The pain and devastation in the world weighs so heavily on me. Thus, Kindness Blog and other similar sites reminds me of the goodness that can be found if you are willing to look.

4. Repeating wise words – Reading quotes of famous philosophers, authors, artists, and rulers is made easier by Twitter and Facebook statuses. Now their wisdom can endure through the years.

5. Making new friends – Through my blog, I have met numerous amazing people. The internet can make cruel enemies but also bring together friendships. I am so blessed to have readers from all around the world who I interact with each day.


2 thoughts on “Can Social Media be Positive?

  1. You offer some helpful and thoughtful suggestions on how social media can be (and is being) used for good. Well done.

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