One Thousand Thanks: 566 – 576. Taking Care of Nature

Anna Rose and Mario in a tree

My brother and I love to be in nature.

Manual work outside has never been my favorite activity. Despite my love of exploring nature and relaxing in it, I rarely enjoyed sports, outdoor chores, or working on lawn care. Yet, there are benefits in doing activities that let you enjoy the sun and grass especially if you are also taking care of the environment. As I mowed the lawn this week, I realized that there are many things to be thankful for when you work in nature. Thus, this Thankfulness Thursday will focus on this theme.

566. Leaving the planet in a better state – When you clean up after others or help a plant grow, you bring more beauty and health to the world. That benefit is immeasurable.

567. The smell of mowed grass Many people love this fresh aroma. I am finally beginning to enjoy it as well.

568. Seeing the beauty of nature without trash – Our world is so amazing. After picking garbage, I feel so accomplished to see the unblemished wonder of the earth.

569. Riding the lawn mower – Silly, I know, but it can be rather fun.

570. Pulling up weeds – This is a mixed blessing. Making the garden look beautiful and neat is wonderful. However, I hate hurting the little plants.

571. Gardens – Although I am not a great gardener, my mother is. Seeing her creations brings me so much joy and wonder at her talent.

572. Holding worms and caterpillars – This probably sounds like a weird thing to be thankful for, but I have many found memories of looking for worms while helping my mother garden. Caterpillars are their cuter and fuzzier counterpart.

573. Eating the fresh food from our garden – I used to love doing this. Every once in a while, my eating disorder is defeated when I have some rhubarb dessert or green beans that were home-grown.

574. Getting dirty and muddy – This is the best part of gardening and working outside. It really is.

575. Building hope for the future – Everything that I do to take care of the earth gives me a bit of hope for future generations. We have caused hurt to the planet but can still make a positive difference.

576. Soaking in the sunshine – This only applies if it is sunny, I suppose. However, getting Vitamin D and feeling sunbeams on your back are wonderful reasons to be outside working.

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