Recovery in the Media: #51. Twila Paris

Twila Paris

Twila Paris combines hope with hurting in her sweet songs.

51. Selected Twila Paris Songs

Growing up, I mostly listened to classical music and Christian singers. Twila Paris was always one of my favorites. Her clear, sweet voice and uplifting lyrics inspired me greatly. When I thought about what female singer or group to highlight today, she stood out. Hopefully, you will also enjoy her style and hopeful messages as you move forward in recovery.

Selected Songs:

    • “How Beautiful” from her Piano Classics album
    • “God is in Control” from her Kingdom Seekers album
    • “The Warrior is a Child” from her The Warrior is a Child album
    • “Faithful Friend” from her Where I Stand album
    • “Every Heart That is Breaking” from her Every Heart That is Breaking album

Recovery Pluses: First of all, the song “How Beautiful” looks at the small blessings in life and shows how meaningful they truly are. So often, we focus on worries and big dreams. In doing so, the tiny but important things are forgotten. This song glorifies those overlooked traits that make a person loving and the wonders of our everyday life.

Sometimes you need to rely on something greater than yourself. In moments like these, God can step in and comfort you. That is the message of the song “God is in Control.” Even if you are not religious, the thought that there is something bigger than just yourself can be reassuring (such as unity with others). We are not wandering lost by ourselves. This song brings me hope and comfort when I feel anxiety ratcheting up or stress rising.

Similar to the previous song, “The Warrior is a Child” looks to a higher power in moments of need. However, what I love about this song is how it portrays the singer. She is someone that everyone thinks is strong and talented. Others sing the praise of this warrior who never loses a fight. Yet, the singer confesses her inability to function sometimes and the great pain inside that she hides. Only by throwing down her sword and crying out does she find relief. Often I have listened to this song in difficult times to help myself find strength.

In recovery, good relationships are very important. Sure, you need to recover for yourself. However, family and friends are an important part of becoming healthier in mind, body, and spirit. “Faithful Friend” extols someone who exhibits many great traits. They are loyal, kind, encouraging, and motivating. Often, I fear telling others how much they mean to me in fear of scaring them away. This song reminds us to build up others and look for healthy friendships.

Finally, “Every Heart That is Breaking” is a heartwrenching song that speaks about deep loss. The singer lists numerous people who are struggling greatly such as widowed lovers, refuges without homes, and mothers whose children are dying. These situation are dreadful and make this song hard to listen to at first. However, hope is offered as the singer promises that each of these hearts is held in the hands of God. Although this is very sad still, there is something powerful and beautiful about this ballad.

Cautions: Twila Paris has nothing objectionable in her songs.

Very popular in the 90s, Twila Paris has inspired the world with her gentle voice and hopeful words. When I disliked most singers and their styles, I found her to be a delightful surprise. Every since, her music has lifted me up when I am struggling. If you have not listened to any of her songs, I advise that you give them a chance. Keep your mind and heart open to be touched.

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4 thoughts on “Recovery in the Media: #51. Twila Paris

  1. Probably still would be my top female voice.

  2. Boy does this bring back memories! I listened to so many of her songs and actually sang many of her songs as specials at church. I believe she has the sweetest and most humble heart and soul which reflects through her worship. I have been ministered to a lot through her music and by you reminding me of this, I will think I will pull some Twila Paris music out of my collection.

    • Glad that this inspired you and brought back great memories! She seems like such a beautiful person, both inside and out. Meeting her would be a dream come true. 🙂

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