One Thousand Thanks: 588 – 598. Oxford so Far

Duke Humfrey's Library

I peeked into the ‘restricted section of the library’ or Duke Humfrey’s Library that was used in Harry Potter.

Being in Oxford has been like a dream come true for the most part. The people, the learning, the architecture, the history, the nature. . .I love it all so very much! Already, my thoughts have been consumed with ideas of how to return.

However, I want to enjoy where I presently am and by excited about that. Already so much has been happening. Thus, I will give you some of the highlights on this Thankfulness Thursday.

588. Getting into the libraries – These can only be reached with a library card. I feel like one of the lucky few. Never mind that there are hundreds of others. Being able to go into the Bodleian libraries such as the Radcliffe Camera is amazing.

589. Going to the Eagle and Child – Just thinking about Lewis and Tolkien while sitting in a place where they once talked was magical. There were so many great men and women who roamed the same halls and streets that I am now walking on and through.

590. Being told by my tutor that I should come back and study more – Success! What a wonderful compliment that fills me with so much hope for my future even if I do not return.

Six huge trees planted hundreds of years ago in the University Parks.

Six huge trees planted hundreds of years ago in the University Parks.

591. Finding a beautiful British dress on sale – Call me silly or shallow, but I love the clothing here. When I put on this dress, I felt pretty which is not common. Thus, I was delighted to buy it for a very low price.

592. Meeting amazing people – Despite some struggles with others, I am mostly finding people so wonderful. There are many friends that I am making both from England and America (and Canada!).

593. Discussing some of my favorite writers and learning about new ones – Thinking critically about Jane Austen and C. S. Lewis helps open my mind to seeing the world in a new light. My tutors and fellow students are helping me to learn so much about myself, the nature of humans, and reality.

594. The roses everywhere and myriad of trees and fields – Sigh. The nature here is incredible. Ponds, momentous trees, expanding fields, and so many roses can be found around the corner.

595. Seeing old churches and other buildings – It is all so majestic and regal. When we go on more field trips to other parts of England, I look forward to seeing all of the other majestic works.

596. The accents – Another reason why I wish that I was British.

597. Walking everywhere – This is something I wish was more common in the States. It is much more pleasant than driving.

covered market stall

Part of the Cover Market

598. The Harry Potter sites – These pop up all around us. It is fun tracking them down.

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10 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 588 – 598. Oxford so Far

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish I was with you! – Carolyn

  2. ladygracet says:

    I am so jealous. To be honest I am mostly jealous about the library. Anyway, it sounds like a lot of fun. I am really glad you seem to be doing so well.

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