Coping Skill: #51. Going to a Museum


The Museum that I went to today

Art is an amazing thing. It both inspires and excites, frightens and overjoys, challenges and heartens. Thus viewing it can bring peace as well as imagination and creativity. One of the best places to doing so is at a museum.

There are many museums although they can be expansive at times. However many of these places are free although donations are encouraged. Still, these places are well worth the money and time

Statues in museum

Statues in museum

At museums, you get to appreciate the talent of others and creativity around us. Also, these places help you to learn more about the world and other people. Every time that I go, I am calmed and also learn so much.

Here are some of the pictures of things that I saw in the museum today. The trip gave me the chance to unwind, enjoy beauty, and contemplate life between studying and writing papers.

Inside the museum

Inside the museum

A picture of Mary and Jesus

A picture of Mary and Jesus

China figurines

China figurines

If you need a break from dealing with stress or school, I encourage you to use the coping skill of visiting a museum.


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