One Thousand Thanks: 610 – 621. Beautiful Churches

Mosaic on the walls of Keble College

Mosaic on the walls of Keble College

Part of my study in Oxford has been about churches and their art, architecture, and meaning. This has allowed me to explore many wonderful places of worship in Oxford and surrounding areas. Back home in the States, I have also had the chance to view some amazing chapels.

When I see places of worship, no matter their faith, the stories that surround them and dedication poured into them amazes me. Thus, I thought I would share some of my favorite churches that I am thankful to have attended and/or seen. These all made a great impact on my life.

Top of St. Paul's Cathedral in London

Top of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

610. St. Jude’s of the Lake – This church is my home parish. It might not be as grand as others on this list, but it has a vibrant community that loves everyone and cares for those around them. Plus the marble altar is exquisite.

611. St. Paul’s Cathedral in London – Having evensong there was so touching. We were able to sit with the choir. Simply looking up at the ceiling leaves you gasping in amazement. This church is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

612. Canterbury Cathedral – You need to visit the basement of this massive cathedral if you ever see it. There are so many treasures and secrets to be found in this magnificent place.

613. St. Paul’s Cathedral in St. Paul, MN – Although not the same as centuries old cathedrals over in Europe, this Minnesota one is lovely and huge for back at home. Also there is a wonderful replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta in it.

614. Nazareth Chapel – This is part of my school and the dream wedding location for most of the girl students (and guys who are honest enough to admit it). The statues, marble, small space, and beautiful location make hard to book but totally worth it.

615. Salisbury Cathedral – This is where we went last Friday as a class. Climbing up the spire was a wonderful experience. Other wonderful aspects were the Magna Carta, silly faces on the walls (seriously, they were sticking out their tongues at each other), apostles at Pentecost traveling exhibit, and huge front with statues.

616. Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel – I was only there once as a child. However, it left a strong impression on me. This small chapel is located in a fort and has dark walls but a lovely rose stained glass window.

617. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker – This Oxford church was the Russian Orthodox one that I wandered into the other day. On Wednesday, I went to their evening prayer. Although I do not know Russian, the experience was deeply moving.

618. Keble College Chapel – The other day, I crept it here. Wow, the murals on the walls were so amazing and fantastic.

Looking out at Salisbury Cathedral from above

Looking out at Salisbury Cathedral from above

619. St. Michael’s in Stillwater, MN – Once again, this church is not huge by European standards but certainly lovely in its own right.

620. Prince Edward Island Church – Although I cannot remember its name, the church some family friends were married made a lasting impact on me. Quaint, warm, and welcoming, this church was a great part of my trip to PEI.

621. Old North Church in Boston – On the same trip that my family went to Prince Edward Island, we also stopped in Boston. This is part of the Freedom Trail that we followed through the city.

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10 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 610 – 621. Beautiful Churches

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anna Rose! You have been to Prince Edward Island? Anne of Green Gables?!!! Its on my bucket list along with EVERYTHING you are seeing now. I love your blogging! I love & miss you. Carolyn

  2. While I prefer to worship weekly in a plain Protestant (almost Puritan) setting, I share your appreciation for the aesthetic beauty of churches that aim to glorify God in both form and function.

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