One Thousand Thanks: 622 – 638. Goodbyes to My Wonderful Oxford Friends Part One

Girls and Geoff smiling silly

Some of us girls and Geoff, a great staff, at a formal dinner

Well, this is heartbreaking but fulfilling time for me. Today, we said our farewells and had final chapel before leaving. By Saturday, I will be leaving Oxford and flying back to the States. I miss my family but…if I could, I would stay here forever and never look back. This is where I want to stay.

Anyway, another bummer about leaving is that I miss all of my friends so very much. The people here have been…I have few words that could describe all of the fellow students, tutors, and other staff.

So, each person will have a thanks dedicated to them on this blog. Please know that I love all of you on this list so much! I had to break it into two parts simply to go to sleep. It has nothing to do with how much you touched me in the past month or what you mean to me.

622. Megan – Ah, the one non-American student. One day I hope to visit you in Canada. Anyway, you are so beautiful, funny, and inspiring. Thank you for reaching out to me, listening without judging, and sharing your own story. Plus, props to you for not giving in to the pressure to have a Facebook or comparing yourself to others.

623. Vanessa – You have such a peaceful air about you that makes others feels so at ease. Thank you for walking with me to town. Keep following your artistic dreams! You have so much talent and passion.

624. Kristine – Whenever you smile, you bring joy to others. Not only are you gorgeous, you also are caring, stylish, and just so lovable. Really, just the thought of you lifts my spirits. Thank you for all of your encouragement and willingness to spread joy.

Tina and Me in London

Tina and Me in London

625. Tina – What can I say? Your ability to be positive and love others awes me. Not seeing your uplifting and sweet self daily…I don’t even want to think of how sad that will be. Thank you for everything, and never sell yourself short. You are amazing and will do incredible things as a doctor!

626. Christine – Thank you so much for helping me through the airports in such a calm and confident manner! Without you, I would have been so lost. You are such a strong, confident woman.

627. Callie – Just when I think that I know what you will say, something hilarious comes out of your mouth. However, you also have such a huge heart for others. Thank you for making me laugh but also offering kindness to everyone.

628. Kelton – People like you make the world a better place. Thank you for being so passionate about taking care of the environment and serving others. Our talks were amazing. You will bring great blessings to whatever community you live in and those around you.

629. Bridgett – The epitome of a southern belle, that is what you are. Classy, fun-loving, sweet as sugar, witty – you have so many great qualities that make you a wonderful friend. Thank you for your encouragement even when I made silly mistakes.

630. Keila – Playing Apples to Apples with you tonight was so much fun. You have a great combination of humor and intelligence. Thank you for opening up so much during our session. I wish that we could have talked more.

631. Katie – First of all, we all love you and know that you love us back. Secondly, you are so full of great surprises. Honest but reserved, quiet but hilarious, kind but strong – you are a wonderful woman who will do great things wherever you choose to go. Thank you for letting me join in on your study sessions.

632. Paige – Thank you for not being afraid to be honest but doing so in a helpful manner. You would really be a great Elizabeth Bennet with your wit, love of literature, and confidence. Keep believing in yourself!

633. Lorena – Wise – that is the first word that comes to mind when I think about you. Thank you for your counseling and deep prayers. At some of my hardest moments, you were present to comfort me with a gentle touch and inspiring word.

Sitting in the grass and the tree

With some of the students on a field trip to Blenheim

634. Samuel – Man, I will miss you, sir! I hope that you do find your princess or at least a duchess. But honestly, going to Mass with a friend was such a refreshing experience. Discussing my faith with you helped me to grow so much. Thank you for being there for me at one of my weakest times and for always listening and even laughing at my stupid stories. You rule, Lord Burford.

635. Emily – All of your knowledge is amazing. Perhaps you do not always feel sure of yourself, but you have an incredible confidence which made me trust you. Thank you for always offering interesting insight.

636. Cat – One day, I long to watch your films and TV shows. Do not ever compromise because you are far too talented and creative. Thank you for teaching me how to defend myself, bringing laughter to even the most serious of classes, and spreading knowledge about any (and every) musical.

637. Molly – You never cease to amaze me. Sewing, reading, drawing, cooking, faking accents, debating deep issues, exploring new places – is there anything that you cannot do? Thank you for imparting some of your wisdom to me and taking so many great photographs.

Sitting with Nora

Nora and I before a seminar on churches

638. Nora – We just did not have enough time together. However what we did have was so special. You are a beautiful, talented, smart, and loving woman with an streak of craziness that is so fun. Thank you for our long talks and your constant support! I will miss you and will pray that you feel better soon!

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10 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 622 – 638. Goodbyes to My Wonderful Oxford Friends Part One

  1. A loving tribute to people you will no doubt remember well.

  2. Initiator ;-) says:

    Dear Rose..!
    Great Moments you share…! Looking nice specially with Tina in London…! Be evergreen Rose.. 🙂

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