Last Day in Oxford and Favorite Photographs from the Trip

Walking in a field

Walking to a seminar on the first day through fields

Well, today is the dreaded day. Saying goodbyes, taking a last walk around, trying to see everything in the Ashmolean on the third visit (and still failing), seeing my favorite author’s tomb, meeting some great new people, hearing the boys’ choir at evensong – today was packed and amazing. But part of me feels crushed. How can I leave the place that I finally feel like I belong? I love my family, but going home to my meaningless daily life with no friendly interaction or freedom to spread my wings as well as my broken heart is all I can see for the rest of this summer.

However, I am trying to be optimistic. With people leaving to travel Europe or return to the home that they missed, I feel a bit strange and out of place. This summer still can be great; it will be what I make of it. But the pain is still real.

Bridge of Sighs

Based on the Venetian bridge, this is also called the Bridge of Sighs.

Anyway, I really wanted to finish my thanks today. However I will do so tomorrow, I think. Right now, it is so late and I am drained. Plus, I only slept three hours last night – the shortest night of my life (unless you count when I flew to London both times and never slept).

So instead of writing about my wonderful new friends I am losing (at least in distance), I am going to share some of my favorite pictures that I have not posted already. Hopefully you will enjoy them. Thanks for continuing to read my blog as I tried something a bit different and branched out into new areas of the world and writing.

The streets of Oxford

The streets of Oxford

Horse eating

A horse in a field

The Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museum

The Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museum


The cemetery where Winston Churchill is buried

Me at Tolkien's grave

At J. R. R. Tolkien’s grave today

Megan with a coin at Bath

Megan with a coin at Bath which was what we used to enter the Roman baths

Bridgett punting

Bridgett punting on the river


6 thoughts on “Last Day in Oxford and Favorite Photographs from the Trip

  1. Ruth says:

    Thank you for so generously sharing your Oxford adventure in words and pictures. I have really enjoyed reading them.

  2. jefairgrieve says:

    Interesting photos, especially the one of Tolkien’s grave. Thank you so much, Anna Rose, for taking us with you on this journey. As for getting back to your life at home, maybe you can see it through fresh eyes, like revising a paper, and then it might be as much an adventure as Oxford has been. Life is full of wonderful surprises if we look for them, and it’s up to us to unwrap them. That thought is one thought that has kept me going for seventy-five years. Of course, there are lulls in between, but then something wonderful happens or appears, and I realize the lull had meaning, too. Anyway, I hope you will let us know what it is like for you to get back to your pre-Oxford life. “Keep calm and carry on” in between time. That seems to serve the Queen well!

    • That saying has indeed served Britain very well and the Queen! Thank you so much for faithfully following my journey and providing so much support and encouragement.

  3. 80smetalman says:

    I am glad that you had a great time in Oxford and I’m sure you’ll be back. Maybe next time, you could drop by Stroud or I can find the time to go to Oxford.

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