One Thousand Thanks: 639 – 656. Goodbyes to My Wonderful Oxford Friends Part Two

Callie and me

Standing with Callie

Normally I only do my thankfulness posts on Thursdays. However, finishing up my thanks for everyone at Oxford made sense. You all mean so much to me. Once again, it was simply for time that I separated this into two posts. Being in the second blog does not mean you are any less dear to me or had a smaller impact on my life.

639. Tammy – Having you and your husband present was so wonderful as was meeting the rest of your family. Thank you for adding wisdom and a depth to the program with your increased knowledge and research.

640. Blaire – You are so witty and smart! Listening to you banter or explain something brought a smile to my face while making me look at things in a different way. Missing giving you a hug goodbye was really painful. I hope for the best for you in this upcoming year and always!

641. Aspen – Remember when I said you are like the moon? That is so true. You have a glow about you that calms people. I hope that being friends with all of us girls was helpful and fun. Your voice is amazing as is your sense of style and ability to analyze deeply.

With Lorena and Kristine

With Lorena and Kristine

642. Kelsie – You are my hero. Really. What will I do without you making me laugh and be bolder? Honestly, you would be the most awesome president someday. Even if you do not follow in that direction, I know that you will do great things. Thank you for reaching out to me and always including me despite my shyness. People like you make fix problems in our world and improve it for future generations.

643. Joy – The walk with you was one of the most amazing experiences in Oxford. I feel so honored that you asked me to go with you. Thank you for opening up to me and sharing your many talents with our group (music, cooking, writing, etc). We might not have been last year’s group, but I hope that you had a great time!

644. Ethan – Thanks for your level-headedness and great critical thinking skills! We could always depend on you to understand a situation and find a way to deal with a problem. Playing Settlers of Catan with you was great as was hanging out with you at Blenheim Palace.

645. Simon – There are few words that I can think of to say. Thank you for everything! You really helped me through difficult moments and encouraged me in good ones. Discussing everything from books to evil was wonderful. You are so gracious, creative, kind, wise, and surprising in a fun way. Whenever I have tea, you will be remembered.

646. Claire – Playing Apples to Apples with you was wonderful and made me wish that we had spent more time with you. When you told me to take care of my back, it really touched me. You have such a huge heart for all that you meet! Thank you for your smile every day and willingness to scan my charts.

647. Geoff – You rock! Thank you for never thinking that I was crazy (or at least not saying it aloud) but instead laughing with me or helping me think of a more positive outlook on life. Whenever someone needed a smile or help, you were ready. Without you, we would have been so lost!

648. Dr. Baigent – Thank you for being open to helping us and for leading our trip to Bath. Talking with you was a pleasure although I wish that I had done so more often. Your intelligence and wealth of knowledge inspired me greatly.

Paige, Samuel, and Kelsie

Paige, Samuel, and Kelsie

649. Dr. Jenkins – We certainly missed you at the Farewell Dinner! You were so fun to get to know in the beginning of the month, and I missed you during the last few weeks. Thank you for answering all of my crazy questions about churches and taking time to show us incredible pieces of art.

650. Emma – Class with you was incredible. One day, I hope to be as knowledgeable and confident as you! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and helping me realize my full potential. Your strength as a woman of wisdom as well as humor mirrors many of the early woman novelists that we studied.

651. Dr. Patrick – Discussing C.S. Lewis with you was such an honor. Thank you for imparting your wisdom to us as well as listening to our ideas. I really enjoyed learning from you and hope that you liked our class’s discussions.

652. Jonathan – Walking around and learning about C.S. Lewis, operas, and many other things from you was so enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me and for taking wonderful pictures that I look forward to seeing. You are very knowledgeable and great to speak with on any topic. Hopefully we can discuss C.S. Lewis, the Classics, and other things in the future.

653. Joyce – We did not talk much, but your beautiful smile and calm nature was wonderful to see every time that I walked past your office. One day, I hope to speak with you and get to know you more.

654. Paul and Lexi – I did not ever have the chance to talk to you much. However, it was enjoyable seeing you in the mornings over breakfast when most other people were sleeping. Thanks for keeping up the house so well.

655. Other tutors – I heard wonderful things about all of you and wish that I could have taken your tutorials along with my own! One day, perhaps I might be able to study under you. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

656. All at Oxford – Thank you for being so welcoming and fun! I loved being at your city and will return as soon as possible. Until then, stay amazing.
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