Thoughts from the Plane… (2 days ago)

Exactly how I felt too! Paige explains this amazingly. She is a wonderful friend and intelligent scholar.


As I sit on this plane, I realize what a huge mistake I made. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve been homesick, missing the comfort of home but my heart has never ached for a certain place.

My heart has ached for people. For sadness. For some awesome toy at the store when I was six. My heart has never felt this way for a country (sorry America).

Yes. I will miss those people I met and developed great friendships with, but I miss the city. I miss the cobbled roads. I miss the intense greenery everywhere you walked. I miss the wind in my hair as I bike down the steepest street, headington hill. I miss stepping inside the bodleian and smelling all the wonderful books, seeing the sun shine through the windows and illuminate the architecture inside. I even miss the grocery stores, where everything is twice…

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