One Thousand Thanks: 657 – 669. Returning Home

Sitting on the plane

On the plane to get home

Being back home has been bittersweet. My family is amazing, and babysitting my little brother every day has been a joy (you’re welcome, Mom). However, I feel like I am going crazy without the intellectually stimulating and independent life that I left in Oxford. Depression is beginning to set in, making me even more miserable. What am I supposed to do with my life now?

Instead of complaining about my current situation, I am going to look at the positives in the past few days. There are many benefits to being home. This Thankfulness Thursday will be focused on these wonderful elements of being back in Minnesota.

657. My mom’s hugs – No one can comfort me like my mother. Even the best of my friends lack that special touch and tenderness.

658. Less fear of being assaulted – After my experience two Sundays ago, I still feel shaky walking around strangers. However, being home means that I rarely see others. That is lonely but also secure.

659. My dad’s jokes – He can still get me to laugh no matter what mood I am in at the moment. Another great part of his humor is that he rarely degrades others or is negative with it. Good, clean, and positive joking is the best.

660. Having an earlier bedtime – Having a house that is asleep by 11:30 or earlier (usually) is such a joy after staying up late every night.

661. Christine’s squirreliness and strange comments – Sorry for all of the times I scold you for this! It might drive me crazy sometimes, but it makes you so lovable and unique. I miss it when I am gone.

662. Reading for fun – For some light reading this summer, I am starting War and PeaceMansfield Park, Rebecca, and about 50 other books. We will see how all of that goes…I am looking forward to it.

663. Maria’s bright smile – When you laugh, joy really fills the room. I miss hearing it and seeing your grin when I am away from home.

Looking down from the plane at Minneapolis

Looking down from the plane at Minneapolis

664. Showing my family pictures – With other 2,000 photographs, my family has been kind enough to look at parts of my album. Later, I hope to show them more.

665. Mario’s sweet enthusiasm – Whether he is trying to pick me up or riding around on his bike, my little brother has so much energy as well as a kind heart. Spending so much time with him has been amazing.

666. Seeing my medical team – Although my dietitian is gone, seeing my doctor and psychiatrist has been very helpful.

667. Princess’ purring – My kitty really missed me and has given me a lovely welcome home. I miss her so much!

668. Walking in the woods to music – Not having my walking music while walking in Oxford was a bit stressful because it left me alone with my thoughts. Now I am enjoying listening to my CDS.

669. Hearing the news – This is very painful but also nice in a strange way. Not knowing what was going on in the world was relaxing but confusing. Now I am more anxious but feel better informed.

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11 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 657 – 669. Returning Home

  1. Robert Pierce says:

    Look forward to seeing you again at TM

  2. Amy says:

    Heehee–“light reading.” I love it! 🙂 Welcome back, friend!

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