One Thousand Thanks: 670 – 680. Poignant Films – Part One

Peter Pan

This is one of the movies that inspired me.

On Tuesday, Mario and I went on a sibling date to buy some security shirts for him and see a movie. Watching Maleficent with him was an enjoyable experience. Although more violent than I prefer, the film touched me with its beautiful cinematography, sympathetic character portrayal, and intense plot twists. Many times I leaned over to see how Mario was doing with the fight scenes, but he seemed to enjoy the movie although for different reasons than I did.

This inspired me to write a post about the movies that I am most thankful for and that most touched me. This is similar to the past lists that I did on books. Once again, I am going to list an item that inspired me each year of my life for this Thankful Thursday.

670. Peter Pan – Although I do not know the first time I watched this film, I loved Wendy since before I can remember. In fact, she made me want to eat fast food at Wendy’s. Also, playing Peter Pan was one of my games. This Disney movie helped me remain a dreamer who longed to be young and search for magic in the world around me. (Age 1)

671. E.T. – Normally, I am easily scared by films. However, watching this movie with my great friend Grace and her family cemented this science-fiction movie as one of my favorites. E.T. was a cute friend rather than a creepy alien. (Age 2)

672. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Apart from Bing Crosby, Dick Van Dyke was my first crush. I loved this film and all of the characters. It made me love music even more and appreciate my family. (Age 3)

673. All Dogs Go to Heaven – I have a love/hate relationship with this film. It broke my heart as a child. However, this cemented my love of animals. Although I am more of a cat person now, this movie still had a huge impact on my life. (Age 4)

674. Beauty and the Beast – All through my life, Belle has been an inspiration. She encouraged me to love reading and exploring. My family often called me “Belle” when I wandered through the house with my nose in a book. (Age 5)

675. It’s a Wonderful Life – Around this time, I first watched this Christmas classic. Right away, it touched my heart. James Stewart is a brilliant actor, for one thing. Plus, the idea that we all make an impact on the world inspired me to be a better person. In the back of my mind, I had already begun to hate myself, but this gave me a glimmer of hope that I was not worthless. (Age 6)

676. Where is God When I’m Scared and other Veggie Tales – These short movies were staples in the homes of most of my friends and ours as well. I still catch myself humming some of the songs and laughing other the silly jokes. (Age 7)

677. The Prince of Egypt – Another faith-based film, the Bible story of Moses retold made my faith more real. Also, mercy and understanding others grew more important to me because of watching Moses and Ramses’ pain in hurting each other. (Age 8)

678. Singing in the Rain – One of my favorite musicals, this film continued to strengthen my love of music. It also shows that everything is not always what it seems. My aspergers causes me to see things very literally. Seeing how two people can pretend to love each other when they really despise the other was a learning experience for me. (Age 9)

679. The Little Princess – Watching films such as this and The Secret Garden encouraged my love of literature. Seeing a girl who lost everything but maintained her love and dignity inspired me greatly too. (Age 10)

680. White Christmas – Once again, this goes back to my love for Bing Crosby, musicals, and Christmas. Also, the “Sisters” song inspired my sister and I to do a duet for choir. (Age 11)

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16 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 670 – 680. Poignant Films – Part One

  1. ashokbhatia says:

    Good list. The Ten Commandments is another one on Moses which I rate very high.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I LOVED Malificent! Great list of movies. Some of my favorites are on there. – Carolyn

  3. I see you like a lot of animation. I do as well.

  4. ladygracet says:

    Wow, I do not remember E.T. at all. Although I do remember watching “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” with your family. I still have nightmares from the romance scenes.

  5. […] it is Thankfulness Thursday again. Following up on last week’s post about movies, I am going to write about inspiring films that I am thankful for viewing. Since the first post […]

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