Coping Skill: #54. Blogging


A picture from my post at the new travel blog

Writing can be a great way to express one’s emotions and process through pain. Journaling is an amazing coping skill. Over the years, many people have found comfort in scrawling their feelings onto paper.

Yet, having a response from others is usually missing when you write. Blogging makes it possible to write out your feelings but also receive feedback. Putting yourself and your thoughts out on the internet is frightening. However, the support of followers and commenters along with the benefits of writing make this a great coping skill.

Today, I started another blog that focuses on travel. This is an area that I both love and hate because it challenges my aspergers and anxiety while fulfilling my love of exploration and learning. By writing this, I was able to express my love of England and remember good times. Hopefully, putting it in a blog will help others to learn more about the topic and inspire them to try something new. You can find my first post on Traveling by 5s here.

Deciding to start a blog can be stressful and frightening. The benefits of support, expressing one’s feelings, and gaining advice from commenters makes this a wonderful coping skill that I (and many others) have grown from greatly.

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8 thoughts on “Coping Skill: #54. Blogging

  1. mihrank says:

    You made me remember one of my favorites travelling around the world!

  2. I just had to respond to this because my blog has saved my sanity and has been a huge contributor to keeping my head above water since my diagnosis three years ago.I would feel lost without it. And what is more, some of tne poems I have written have actually helped other people who have commented. Although the poems in which I write about frustrations and sadness regarding my condition, are initially for myslf, so many people have related to them in one way or another, because even though we may go through different challenges, the emotions can sometimes match those of others.

    I was terrified when I started to share myself “out there” but it has been one of the best things I have done!

  3. 80smetalman says:

    Good for you Anna! I have found that to be the same, although the main purpose of both of my blogs is to sell books, I can express myself in a way I never could before.

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