One Thousand Thanks: 681 – 691. Poignant Films – Part Two

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite films growing up.

Well, it is Thankfulness Thursday again. Following up on last week’s post about movies, I am going to write about inspiring films that I am thankful for viewing. Since the first post highlighted my life to the age of 11, this one will begin when I was 12-years-old. Hopefully you will enjoy this list and find some new movies to watch. If you have some films that have touched your life, please leave their name in the comments. What are you thankful for concerning this type of entertainment?

681. The Wizard of Oz – I watched this at a much younger age. However, the character of Dorothy continued to grow on me as I grew older. One of my dream roles was being her in a show. The witch’s cackle terrified me, but listening to my father do her voice as well as the lion made this movie even better. Plus, as someone deeply depressed, this reminded me that my home was so important despite the fact that I longed to go to a fantasy world. (Age 12)

682. The Lord of the Rings – Those who have followed my blog for awhile now are probably not surprised to see this on my list. The Lord of the Rings have brought me through many difficult days. This epic story of hope when all seems hopeless, selfless love, and deep pain along with gorgeous beauty is not only a brilliant book but also an epic trilogy. My parents would not let me watch the movies until I was 13 because of the violence. Yes, they scared me, but I still loved them. (Age 13)

683. Cinderella – The summer before my 15th birthday was a magical experience. I was in a theater summer camp with Ashland Productions where we performed 101 Dalmatians, The Jungle Book, and Cinderella. To my great shock, I received the part of Cinderella. This was a dream come true for the chubby, socially awkward, self-hating, and lonely girl that I was. Watching this Disney film helped me prepare for the role and still brings back great memories. (Age 14)

684. Ella Enchanted – First of all, Anne Hathaway was one of my favorite actresses at this age. Secondly, I felt stuck being the good girl who needed to obey everyone. Thus, this movie about a girl who had to follow orders really touched me. Sure, it is corny and silly, but the sweetness and fun music made this one of my favorites for several years. (Age 15)

685. Pride and Prejudice – This classic love story instilled my love of all things British. Also, Elizabeth gave me a wonderful role model of a strong woman. Plus, it tied into my interest in literature. Even if you are not crazy about what I mentioned above, you might enjoy the great message of not judging people on your first impression. (Age 16)

686. Enchanted – I actually reviewed this film for a Christian website. The idea of an innocent and clueless princess being dropped into this world was so relatable to me. Plus, her goodness changing others was so sweet and hopeful. (Age 17)

687. Twelve Angry Men – After seeing this during my senior year of high school, this film became on of my favorite films. It showed me the importance of critical thinking, discernment, and giving everyone a chance. Each time that I watch it, I pick up another inspiring quote or impacting life lesson. You can read more about this film on my post about it. (Age 18)

688. The King’s Speech – This is the only R-rated film that I have seen (although I skip the R part). Anyway, it is so inspiring and gives me hope for healing. Seeing the King make progress with the loving support of his family and quirky but brilliant methods of his speech therapist is an amazing story. I also wrote more about this movie. (Age 19)

689. The Artist – Although black-and-white and silent, this film is so entertaining and full of life. As someone who has struggled to speak up, I found this movie very inspiring. (Age 20)

690. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – Politics frightens me. This old movie convinced me that we can have people who want to help our country in office. It also instilled in my hope for other humans. Plus, Jimmy Stewart is so brilliant and inspiring as the title role. (Age 21)

691. Frozen – I could not forget one of my new favorite films. Frozen, which I write about more here, strengthened my bond with my sisters. I related to both Elsa and Anna in different ways: Elsa with her fear of her emotions and Anna with her loneliness and longing for love. (Age 22)

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11 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 681 – 691. Poignant Films – Part Two

  1. mihrank says:

    very detailed! Just like a short clip!!

  2. Dilip says:

    Nices post. Enjoyed the reviews on some of my old-time favorites 🙂

  3. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Love your post. I have to come back and read more. One of my all time favorite films is The Searchers with John Wayne. I never did like him except in this movie. And I fell in love with Natalie Wood when I first saw this. We were lucky one year to visit Monument Valley where it was shot and they played the movie outside against a brick wall while all around us was the night and those impressive mountains.

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