One Thousand Thanks: 703 – 713. Benefits of Business

British driving sign that say "Kill your speed"

This British driving sign states what I want to do right now.

This week has been so crazy. I began an internship, started a new job training, had a huge fundraiser for where I work, wrote for my client, and tried (am still trying actually) to finish a mystery party for this Saturday. Right now, only a few minutes are left before I must get ready for work.

Sometimes things in life are hectic. That can be difficult, but it can also have benefits. Today for Thankfulness Thursday, I am going to focus on the good parts of being busy.

703. Less time alone with my thoughts – This can be very helpful when I am depressed. Although having some quiet time is relaxing, too much triggers intrusive thoughts.

704. Seeing people – I tend to isolate. Business forces me to interact with others. Usually, I end up being grateful for it in the end.

705. Having purpose – We are not the activities that we are in or jobs that we hold. However, doing things can help us to feel like we are making a difference and changing the world.

706. Less time to worry about every little thing – This is not always true. Normally, though, being busy takes up most of my energy. Little time is left to brood or fret.

707. Less focus on body image – Keeping my mind occupied takes away some of my hateful thoughts. They still sneak in, making it difficult to be around people. Still, they are fewer when I am busy.

708. Getting more accomplished – Funny how when we are most stressed, we get the most done. That is often the case for me. When I am in working mode, I just keep going until everything is complete.

709. More independence – The busier that I am, the less I rely on my parents. They are still my biggest supporters, but I no longer need them to fix every little thing. There is not time for that because I am running around outside of the house.

710. Less guilt – This comes from feeling less lazy and like I have a purpose. This feeling still bothers me but not as frequently when I am keeping myself occupied.

711. Earning money – Let’s be honest. I am poor and need money. Usually when I am busy, it is at work of some sort. This is an advantage and something I keep in mind when I am drained.

712. Working on social skills and being flexible – Business teaches me how to adapt to change and relate to others. It is hard to learn but necessary.

713. Becoming a leader – As I become more busy, I must learn to take charge of my life and be a leader. Whether I am serving others at my job or watching my little brother for my mother, I am growing in confidence and ability to trust myself.

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9 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 703 – 713. Benefits of Business

  1. mihrank says:

    detailed, informative and valuable!

  2. Sofie Pihl says:

    Oh, I love this, Anna:-) Fortunately, it seems to be an endless list. Thinking seriously about starting my own list, this is great inspiration, and I guess it makes a great difference for you? Have a good day!

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