A Piece of My Heart Died: Goodbye Robin Williams

Last night, I opened my computer to find an email from my internship that stabbed my heart – Robin Williams had died.

It might sound silly or stupid that this news hurt so bad. However, the pain that someone is in when they commit suicide is so immense and hopeless. Immediately, that emotion raced over me. I understand that dark place and pray that no one else finds themselves there. Yet every day, multiple people die because they can not find the light or strength to keep going. That is one of the saddest things on earth.

Feeling deeply the emotions of others is draining especially since I am not good at reading people. When it comes to the news, I often find myself worn out and miserable. Lately, the media has been bringing me lower and lower.

This news was just too much and the final straw. I did not watch every film Robin Williams was in or know every aspect of his life. But his smile, his twinkling eyes, and his big heart that really showed touched me.

We lost another beautiful soul. This world is so painful and that is just too much for some people to handle. Stay strong if you are in that dark place. Yes, there is much darkness surrounding us, but we can make it through and exude light. Hope is present and stronger than the dark. It just doesn’t always appear that way.


13 thoughts on “A Piece of My Heart Died: Goodbye Robin Williams

  1. mihrank says:

    great tribute and saddened!

  2. April says:

    You stay strong as well.

  3. jefairgrieve says:

    Dear Anna Rose,
    What you say does NOT sound “silly or stupid”–there are millions of us who feel just the same way you do about the death of Robin Williams! My first thought was, “Why was he alone?” But as a friend told me, if a person is determined and has that tunnel vision of depression, then he or she is going to find a way. I have been in that dark tunnel, too, as you and as many of our readers have. We know how powerful the darkness can be, but we also have been able to find the light to come back. Robin Williams wasn’t able to do that this time for some reason.

    What can I do? I can pray for him and for his family. Think of what they must be going through! I can do my best to help anyone I meet who reveals that he or she is depressed: I can listen and then I can try to connect the person with competent and caring help. I can celebrate Robin Williams’ life by watching and re-watching as many of his films as I can and being amazed by his genius and talent. And I can grieve. Beyond those things, there is nothing I can do but feel the loss. But I can and will do those things. I hope this helps . . .

    • That is very helpful! I just started watching Mork and Mindy. Remembering the beauty, inspiration, and joy that he brought into the world is important. Your words are so comforting.

  4. I still can’t get over it either. “What Dreams May Come” is one of my favorite movies and when I learned that Robin had killed himself, all I could think of was: who would go after him? Cried several times.

  5. 80smetalman says:

    No one knows what drives a person to commit suicide and it’s even more shocking when someone like Robin Williams does it. The only thing that I can do is to learn to not let it effect me. R.I.P. Robin Williams

  6. […] death of Robin Williams made me realize how much I look up to and am inspired by certain celebrities. I have never been a […]

  7. Mazzy says:

    There was something very unique about him, a genuine depth which covered the gamut from deep pain to deep joy….in this, he connected with millions. Everything was revealed in the roles he played, including stand up comic.

    It seems like the laws of nature have been broken… Something so real – and yet how could he have been created or destroyed?

    The weird thing is that probably none of us were ever meant to know him. Without tv or movies, we would never have had the Robin Williams experience. All we can do now is savor what we failed to savor before, now a beautiful memory, and relish the greatness of what we were blessed to witness through the miracle of modern technology. His choices may have seemed imperfect at times, but his existence was perfect and beautiful, and that’s what matters.

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