Starting a New Job and Feeling Strangely Confident

With a theater friend

Onstage I have more confidence

Training for my new job has been fun, interesting, tiring, and strangely confidence-building. Who would have thought that I would be so excited about a job that involves talking with people? I certainly would not have expected it!

This is one of the few times that I actually felt sure of myself. Instead of worrying about what to say when practicing to serve people, I went into my theater-mode. Instead of being an anxious girl trying to find herself in the world, I became a spunky woman who loves interacting with others and making their day better.

Because of this, the training went well and made me feel better than I have in weeks. Co-workers affirmed me. In their eyes, honesty and admiration shone through instead of pity or annoyance. This proved to me that others also saw that I had some skill. Saying that makes me feel guilty now. I am not trying to brag or be proud. The excitement is just so immense. I have finally done something right!

One other experience made me feel like this. Years ago, I sang “In My Own Little Corner” from Cinderella during a theater workshop. Standing in the spotlight was both terrifying and wonderful. Suddenly, a different spirit seemed to take over my body. It was almost as if I was watching myself as I lived the song. Emotions flooded through me as I played all of the characters in the song. At the end, the audience’s clapping was only one of the elements that told me I had done well. Even better was the internal feeling of confidence in myself. Was I perfect? No, but I had given that song my all and totally been immersed in that character.

Now, I am feeling that emotion again for probably only the second time in my life. It almost felt like I was glowing. Having a few co-workers arguing over who was my partner probably helped. This new job will be a challenge, but it is one that I am ready to face.

I have confidence that I can do this. Plus, a hope resides in me that I can find that engaging, confident, social butterfly again. Perhaps she is more part of me than I realized.


16 thoughts on “Starting a New Job and Feeling Strangely Confident

  1. Cozy Hannula says:

    You have such a beautiful soul and your coworkers and customers surely see that when they interact with you. Congrats on the new job! I’m sure you will be incredible!

  2. JCT says:

    Good Luck Anna Rose. I know you’ll do a great job

  3. mihrank says:

    both beautiful, cheerful, joyful which makes me reading your story like watching a movie!!

  4. April says:

    Congratulations on your new job. Your confidence shines through your post.

  5. Great post! I love that you are discovering parts of yourself.!! Keep going!!

  6. 345poet says:

    thats d spirit. cofidenx is everything in this world. Hav confidenc and u will go places unexpected

  7. celinemurray says:

    Whoot! You go girl!

  8. Cate Reddell says:

    You have every reason to brag and be proud. You did great! I hope the job goes well and you keep finding that spunky you. 🙂

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