One Thousand Thanks: 725 – 735. Celebrities Who Inspired Me

Demi at sound check singing one of my favorite songs that she did not sing on tour - "Believe in Me."

Demi at sound check singing one of my favorite songs that she did not sing on tour – “Believe in Me.”

The death of Robin Williams made me realize how much I look up to and am inspired by certain celebrities. I have never been a crazed fan girl or known every fact about these peoples lives. However, watching them in movies or listening to their music helped me through some difficult moments.

These people are not perfect and I do not agree with everything that they have done. However, something about them touched my life and inspired me. Thus, the Thankfulness Thursday will focus on celebrities that I am grateful for being in my life. I will be focusing mostly on celebrities such as modern actors and singers rather than philosophers or saints because I have done that in past posts for men and women.

725. Demi Lovato – Her openness about her eating disorder, addictions, bipolar, self-harm, and other issues is so inspiring. I was privileged to see her in concert which was amazing! She is a strong, courageous, talented woman who has saved the lives of many (including me) with her honesty and hope.

726. Robin Williams – This is still so heartwrenching. He had the brightest smile that seemed to invite everyone in and request their friendship. Plus, he worked hard to give to charities and make the world a better place. We will not forget him.

727. Kelly Clarkson – Her powerful voice and warm smile are only a few of the reasons she brings beauty into this world. There is something so genuine and kind about her. One day, I would love to see her perform.

728. Michael Phelps – I am not much of a sports person, but this guy is amazing! Ever since his first Olympics, he wowed me and captured a little bit of my heart. He overcame ADHD and is one of the best athletes in the world.

729. Kate Middleton – Classy, dignified, modest, beautiful – she is indeed the ideal princess. People like her who can combine regalness with down-to-earth sweetness are amazing.

730. Elijah Wood – He was, and always will be, Frodo for me. I identified so much with his character in the book and worried about the movie portrayal. However, he did an amazing job as he does in every film.

731. Emma Watson – I respect how she has stood for her morals without condemning others. She is very talented and allows that to be how she is portrayed in films instead of turning simply to her beauty or trying to make lots of money.

732. Dick Van Dyke – This man is truly hilarious and very skilled at dancing, singing, and acting. He brings so much magic into every film with the sparkle in his eyes and silly laughter on his lips.

733. Kristy Yamaguchi – The grace and strength of this ice skater is wonderful to watch. She was one of my favorites in the Olympics when I was a young child. Sometimes I still long to skate like her.

734. Bill Cosby – Good clean fun is what this comedian provided. My father loves him, so I naturally do as well. His silly jokes and obviously big heart make him a very inspiring man.

735. J.K. Rowling – This author came through hard times and brought herself up into a brighter place. Her Harry Potter books are fun, deep, and interesting. Plus, she has given so much to others through charity.

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7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 725 – 735. Celebrities Who Inspired Me

  1. mihrank says:

    I say – One Million times – Thanks!

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