Finding Your Strength

One of the positive traits that I can say about myself is that I am strong. Sometimes this comes out in a negative way like when I use that to hurt myself. Other times, it shows through my willingness to keep trying despite the pain.

Most people do not think strong when they first see me. Sweet, nice, naive, girly – sure.  But strong? I probably look like a bit of a wimp.

However, everyone has their own type of strength. Finding that is vital to recovery. This video with Maya Angelou is a wonderful example of having deep strength.

How are you strong? What do you do each day to tap into that strength? Where are the areas in your life that drain that strength from you?

These are questions that I need to ask myself. Already, I have begun to find the quiet, gentle but powerful strength that I have inside of myself. Through my faith, I believe that I can tap into even more of it.

Being strong does not mean you need to be aggressive or outspoken. Perhaps you have a more assertive and vibrant style of strength. However, you could also be patient with irritating people, cheerful even in hard times, merciful to those who harm you, stubborn about doing the right thing, protective of the rights of others…the list could go on and on.

So, I encourage you to think about the questions that I asked. Where do you find your strength and how can you build that up? What are a few ways that you can dig into that inside of yourself?


7 thoughts on “Finding Your Strength

  1. Siobhan says:

    I suffer from social anxiety. Groups of people I don’t know well are the worst. Ever since I was a child, my method of making friends involved forcing myself out onto neutral territory amongst other people and waiting until they approached me. Once upon a time it involved spending time in a playground by myself. Now I might force myself to eat lunch in a canteen rather than at my desk in work. I’m far more comfortable at my desk, but I know I shouldn’t isolate myself.

    When I first got a job I didn’t eat lunch for about two weeks because I was too anxious. But I forced myself to not run away or hide from people and they inevitably started talking to me on their own.

  2. MEM says:

    Great post! Go girl!

  3. finding inner strength and doing what you want to do is hard but important….it’s not being blown by the prevailing winds…

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