Fictional Characters Who Should Have Been Together

Who Will Love Me

The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved. – Princess Diana

For my internship today (which I worked on for many hours), I wrote about characters from movies and books that would have made lovely couples. Right now, my brain is fried from thinking about this. Honestly, all of my ideas for an inspiring post have gone “poof” out of my head. Pretty silly, huh? Just wait until school starts up next week…

Anyway, literature has been a huge part of my recovery and films have as well to a slightly lesser degree. When it comes to romance, I am pretty clueless. However, listening to people around me and observing how others interact has been helpful. Picking up elements of that in fiction also taught me what to expect in a relationship.

So here are some of my ideas on romances that should have happened. Perhaps they will sound crazy. As I freely admitted above, I do not have much experience in this area. However, they show a bit of how my brain works and what my heart longs for sometimes.

  1. Frank Hardy and Nancy Drew – I love these two together. They are both so brainy, wise, and good-hearted. Each of them is a bit too heroic at times, and having someone to care for them deeply would balance that out a bit.
  2. Angela Wexler and Theo Thoedorakis – This couple seemed set to happen in The Westing Game. But instead, it ended in disappointment for me. I had so hoped that it would work for them.
  3. Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy – I am not sure what it is about them, but this couple is so intriguing to me. Deep down, Draco was struggling with a lot of things. If he had the chance, I think that he would have turned his life around and been a friend (if not more) to Hermione.
  4. Warren Peace and Layla Williams – These super heroes from Sky High would have been sweet together. Sure, she ended up with the main character which makes sense. However, Warren reached out to her in kindness more than anyone else did. She also looked and saw his kind side underneath his anger.
  5. Ryan and Gabriella – Troy is cool, but the sparks between these two in the second High School Musical were obvious. Cheesy, sure, but I still would have loved it.
  6. Gilligan and Mary Anne – He was a goofy ball and she was a darling. What was not to love? In a few episodes, this idea was played with a bit.
  7. Cinderella and Aladdin – On a really random note, I think this would be an interesting idea. She grew up in hardship and poverty. Both have a positive outlook on life, and being together would balance out some of their strange tendencies.

Those are just a few of my ideas and thoughts. I would love to hear about couples that you wish would have happened in books or films.


26 thoughts on “Fictional Characters Who Should Have Been Together

  1. What about Ariel and Tarzan? That could have been very interesting. They could have discovered the human world together.

  2. 80smetalman says:

    You have some interesting ones there

  3. Luanne says:

    LOVED this, especially Frank and Nancy since I always thought so! Now I’ll be thinking of couples for the rest of the day. Gee thanks haha.

  4. I so second you on #1. And #3 I’d never though about but actually makes a lot of sense. You know what would totally make my day though? Prince Caspian and Lucy Pevensie.

  5. […] 10 beloved couples who did not end up together – As mentioned in another post, this was written for my internship. I do not necessarily agree with all of these couples, but they […]

  6. ladygracet says:

    Hmmmm…. How about Ursula and the Dark Lord? They’d be cute together. Or Dracula and Lady Macbeth, oh except she’s already married.
    An interesting post.

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