One Thousand Thanks: 736 – 746. Meaningful Memories

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Me with my friend Ruth and my sister Christine, her sister Teresa, and another friend

Today, I went to see The Giver at the theater I am working at now. It was amazing. Probably not as good as the book, but much better than I could have ever hoped for it to be. If you have time, please go and see this touching and uplifting masterpiece.

Anyway, it centers on memories that bring back emotions and things from the past. This made me think about my own memory. Mostly it haunts me. Yet, there are many elements and moments of beauty in my life. Thus, for Thankfulness Thursday, I am going to look at all of the wonderful memories that have stuck with me.

736. The camp I grew up at – There are so many great memories of this place. Woods, climbing towering trees, canoeing, swimming, searching for beads in the sand near the art shack, playing with counselors – I could go on for hours.

737. Finding Angel – Our first cat came up and begged to come inside a year to the day after my mother had a miscarriage. I will always remember that moment when he pressed up against me and mewed so pitifully that I needed to keep him.

738. Learning that my mom was having Mario – With my youngest sister 10 years old, none of us were expecting another child. When my parents told us girls, I began to cry with joy.

739. Being onstage for the first time – Sure, I only said, “Here he comes!” Still, that moment made me crave theater. I still have that same desire to act even now.

740. Opening up The Lord of the Rings books – My grandparents made my Christmas when they gifted me these books right after my father had finished reading us girls The Hobbit. My life has been changed ever since.

741. Hearing that I was cast as Cinderella – This was a dream come true. I second-guessed why they chose me but loved the chance to be a Disney princess!

742. Playing Settlers of Catan in Oxford – I love board games, and playing this with the great guys in Oxford was a blast.

743. Honoring my family on Christmas – This is not just one memory but a string of them. Every Christmas, my family honors people as we give gifts. This brings joy into my heart each time.

744. Finding a soft-shelled turtle – These strange creatures are rare. That made finding one in the St. Croix River even more exciting.

745. Going to see Demi Lovato in concert – Doing this was made even better because I was with my great friend Taylor. Together, we were able to see one of our favorite singers rock the stage.

746. Playing paper dolls with my sisters – We rarely had time after setting them all up because our parents usually came home. However, just being with Christine and Maria made it worth it.

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11 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 736 – 746. Meaningful Memories

  1. Luanne says:

    I’m trying to talk hubby into going to The Giver . . . .

  2. I’m always inspired by reading other people’s lists of happiness and gratitude. I will definitely be reading your One Thousand Thanks lists in the future.

  3. I love how going to the Demi lovato concert inspered you that much. That is how I knew you were the right person to take with me!! I wish we could live that day over again

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