Listaliciousness: Fan-Favorite Couples, Oxford Restaurants, and Sherlock in Harry Potter

Books from OxfordMy love of making lists is no secret. So, when I had the urge to make a list of links from this past week, I decided to incorporate it into my blog. Especially with school starting, ways to help think of writing ideas is important. Thus, each week will contain Listaliciousness Sunday, Media Monday, Tip Tuesday (such as top ten lists), Thankfulness Thursday, Film Friday (with a Youtube video), and Coping Skill Saturday. I had already been doing most of these but will just become more consistent with them.

Anyway, here is my listaliciouness for this past week. Some are written by me and other are things that I found and liked. Enjoy!

  1. Top 10 beloved couples who did not end up together – As mentioned in another post, this was written for my internship. I do not necessarily agree with all of these couples, but they are some of the most popular ones.
  2. 9 Ways to Help a Friend or Family Member with Depression – This article is by the gifted and wise author Therese J. Borchard. Her blog is amazing as is her book Beyond Blue.
  3. Sorting Sherlock: If the ‘Sherlock’ characters went to Hogwarts – I just finished watching “Sherlock” and loved it. Mix that with the wonderful world of Harry Potter, and you have a true treat.
  4. 5 Oxford Restaurants for the True Scholars and Tourists – Here is my latest post from my blog Traveling by 5s. It focuses on the places you should eat if you go to Oxford (which everyone should do once in life).
  5. Writing Quotes About, For, and By Writers – This is a huge list of inspiring quotes. Want encouragement to get through writer’s block? Here is a good place to start.
  6. Top 10 twists on peach pie – I wrote this for my internship because August 24 is National Peach Pie Day. So celebrate by making some of these tasty recipes.
  7. Scooby Doo and the Unfortunate Case of Fat Shaming – It makes me so sad when they do this in childrens’ film. We need to start respecting the bodies of everyone, no matter what they weigh.
  8. After All: Episode 72 of Emma Approved – This is the final episode of the amazing Youtube video adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma. Every moment of it is fantastic as is their other web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
  9. Pro-Life Messages in Ten Popular Movies – I wrote this for a Catholic blog and was a bit leery of linking to it. Hopefully, you will enjoy it and find it a thought-provoking article.
  10. A Letter to…the Strangers on That Friday Train When I Heard That Dad had Died – The Kindness Blog has many uplifting posts. This one especially touched me.

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