One Thousand Thanks: 747 – 754. Really Awesome Roommates

World's Worst Sister
World's Worst Sister

A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite. – Elizabeth Fishel

Growing up, my sisters and I roomed together for many years. After I was around 10, I received my own room. However, some of those nights with Christine and Maria when we giggled or bickered in whispers still bring a smile to my face.

Now I am have roommates again. They are some of the sweetest, best listening, friendliest, and wisest girls I have ever met. I am so honored that they wanted me to share a room with them. So here is a post about them, as well as my sisters, and why having a roommate can be great.

747. Fewer nightmares – I have not been tormented by my dreams since moving onto campus. Perhaps having two other people in my room adds to my sense of security.

748. Katie’s optimistic outlook on everything – She constantly is lifting the moods of others while being realistic. She is a sunbeam that brightens the room.

749. Someone to talk to – It is easier to interact and open up to someone you are with so much. Plus it is easier to find them.

750. Caitlyn’s gentle heart – She is incredibly loving and kind to everyone. Being with her inspires me to care for others more.

751. Accountability – Roommates can see if you are doing better or worse each day. It is harder to fool them. That makes them helpful for keeping you on track.

752. Christine’s willingness to share – Christine is so hospitable which means that she lets you borrow things.

753. Learning helpful coping skills – You are forced to learn how to socialize when you have a roommate.

754. Maria’s generosity – She is willing to give her time, things, and care to others.

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