You Are a Hero

Everyone has the ability to be a super hero. Not all people make that choice, but they have the ability to change the world for the better.

That might not look the way it does in movies. As far as I know, people cannot fly, shoot fire out of their hands, scale buildings without equipment, or pick up cars. This is not the type of super hero that we see in the world.

However we all have our own types of super hero powers. My father has super strength; he is able to pick up those who have fallen and remain firm in the face of opposition. Mom has ultra sensitive hearing; she hears each heartbreak and silent tear that falls. Christine is a shapeshifter; whatever you need, she will adapt to while still remaining the same person. My other sister Maria shoots sunbeams from her fingers; count on her to light up the room.  Mario flies to the rescue whenever someone is hurting or in danger.

This list could go on for everyone that I know. Mind reading, invisibility, glowing, growing plants, controlling technology – there are so many “super powers” out there. I am still not sure of mine but trying to figure that out now.

So what is your super power? How are you using that to save the world by making it a better place? Be sure to use it for good, because we all know that villains are super heroes who used their gifts for evil. That is a choice that we all have to make. How are you going to use your powers?


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