Listaliciousness: Leonardo’s Ice Bucket Challenge, Wholock the Musical, and Google Birthday

Mario goofing around on a vacation
Mario goofing around on a vacation

Mario goofing around on a vacation with Maria and me in the back

Well, I just worked from 9:30 A.M. to 11:00 and am very tired. Here is a quick, but hopefully interesting, listaliciousness for you with some great links from this week.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio does ice bucket challenge while researching for environmental documentary – I wrote this for my internship. Learning more about how this famous star completed the challenge was very interesting.

  2. Virtual Braille and Image Discernment the key learnings of the Optacon – Kevin Fjelsted is an amazing man in many ways. He is hopeful, intelligent, and compassionate. This is his latest blog post which is very interesting.
  3. Top 10 unbelievable food that people eat – Does it seem strange that I keep writing food posts for my internship? It sure is odd for me. However, this one was rather fun, and I am enjoying writing these lists.

  4. Wholock the Musical – What a brilliant idea to combine Doctor Who and Sherlock. Right now, both are in my favorite shows. I wonder if they would really get along but love this video even if it would not work out for them to work together.
  5. Teenage Pregnancy – This post by terry1954 is incredibly insightful and compassionate about a difficult topic. It really helped me to view this difficult issue in a new way.
  6. Richard Attenborough remembered by celebrities on Twitter – Here is one more post that I wrote for my internship. I never knew much about Richard Attengorough, but researching him made me realize what an amazing man he was.

  7. 25 Facts You Always Believed That Actually Aren’t True  – This YouTube video is very interesting. I learning reading random facts.
  8. I Learned Something in Class Today! – This post was really helpful especially with my current struggle with food. Hearing it from another point of view was very helpful.
  9. What Parents Tell Their Kids about Tragedies in the News – What a beautiful and thought-provoking article this is. News was very hard on me growing up and continues to haunt me sometimes. All parents should consider how to address this issue with their children.
  10. My Google Birthday message

    My Google Birthday message

    My Google Birthday Picture – This is not a link  to the actual post that excited me because you would not be able to see it. When I was finishing up this list, I looked on Google, and this is what I saw! When I put my cursor over it, a little blurb read, “Happy Birthday AnnaRose!” This was so sweet! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: Leonardo’s Ice Bucket Challenge, Wholock the Musical, and Google Birthday

  1. mykulmitch says:

    thank you for throwing me on the list 🙂 I liked this post and found some other blogs to read.

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