Comforting the Hurting and Sorrowful

Sometimes, I just want someone to wrap an arm around me and stay by my side. Being a strong and independent person is important. However, we all need someone to protect and comfort us on hard days.

Other times, we find ourselves in the position of caring for someone else. They lean on our shoulder and cry while we rub their back. The process of comforting and protecting is a give and take experience. One day, our friends help carry us through a difficult time. The next day, we might be holding their hand as they face a troublesome situation. Both experiences help us to grow and strengthen relationships.

There are many people who I could thank for being like that little boy to me. My parents constantly help me to my feet and refuse to give up on me. Christine, Maria, and Mario still love me despite the pain I bring into our family. Many friends have listened and remained by my side even through my struggles.

Hopefully, I have given back to those around me by caring for and comforting them. Being someone that others can turn to in times of need is a goal that I have. It is not a simple task, but it makes me a wise and more compassionate person.

How do you comfort others? Do you allow them to protect you in times of need? Which one do you not do enough or fall into too often? I can lapse too much into either categories depending on the situation. Finding a balance of supporting others and allowing them to care for you is difficult but certainly possible.


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