Listaliciousness: Afternoon Tea, The Positives of Flunking Exams, and Harry Potter Comics

Tolkien books

Tolkien books

Yesterday was thrilling at points. It was lovely outside, I went in a short hot air balloon, and Mario told me about the new garage opener. Seeing my family, if only for a few hours, was lovely as well.

Anyway, here is a list of links for you. As the previous weeks, they are diverse in topic and type. Hopefully you will find a few that you enjoy.

  1. Top 10 recipes for afternoon tea – I wrote this for my internship but also in memory of Oxford. Having afternoon tea there was a great bonding experience and time to relax.
  2. How Everything We Tell Ourselves is a Lie – This is a very interesting bit of research. Most of it was hopeful and a bit strange.
  3. Tiny Madden Football Player Shows Up in Game – A mini version of this athlete was mistakenly put into the game. This video of it is so funny!
  4. Celebrity Kindness: Demi Lovato stands up for bullied sister – Another article for my internship, this story focuses on the love of family. Cyber bullying is a problem that needs to end.
  5. 1 in 10 girls raped or abused before the age of 20 – This breaks my heart. Something needs to change
  6. The Smothers Brothers singing on the Judy Garland show – This is old but so funny. My parents sent it to me so that I would laugh, and it sure brought a smile to my face.
  7. Why Flunking Exams is a Actually a Good Thing – What a strange concept! This article is a bit weird.
  8. Top 10 celebrities of summer 2014 – Wondering who the big names were this summer? This was also written for my internship.
  9. Help – This is a beautiful poem written by my friend Lauren. It is poignant and powerful.
  10. Harry Potter Comic – This is just so cute and funny even if the bad guys win in the end. Plus, it brings up several good points.

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