One Thousand Thanks: 777 – 787. Reaching Our Limits

In museum in London

Everything is moving at such a fast pace.

My medical care team has finally hammered it into my head that I am near the end of my rope. Not only is my body yelling that, but my mind and emotions are also rebelling. Figuring out how to make a change is difficult. Yet it is something that I am admitting now (with reluctance) that it is something that I must do.

Being worn out and drained seems awful. However, there are some benefits and things to be thankful for even in this situation. Here are a few of them:

777. Raw emotions – These are painful, yes, but they can help you to get to the bottom of things much quicker.

778. Realizing your limits – What a hard lesson it is to learn, but one that most of us must go through before we believe it.

779. Deeper gratitude for little moments of peace – Just standing for a few seconds in the sun or breathing in and out five times brings me so much joy.

780. Being forced to say “No” – You just cannot do it all especially when you are trying to balance a million other things at the same time.

781. True friends – They will care for you and worry but not give up no matter your crazy schedule.

782.  Setting priorities – Learning what is most important is difficult. Being overly busy forces you to do it.

783. Longing for deeper things – Just being and silence are things that I want so bad. I did not realize how important they were until now.

784. Tears and laughter – They will come; they just will.

785. Forced to care for ourselves – If we neglect our health while pushing so fast, we will collapse.

786. Cherishing each little gift – My kitty’s soft fur, the grass’ cool dampness, the friend’s cheery greeting – all of it makes such a strong impact on me now.

787. Learning not to do this again – Or at least, no time soon.


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7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 777 – 787. Reaching Our Limits

  1. charlypriest says:

    Good for you Anna, I´m glad, really.
    Yes, change is difficult but at the same time look at it as exciting, the new things that can come your way good things and maybe some bad things but that´s just life, more good things than bad things when you have the mental attitude. And another one you said that it´s very true, I have a saying that is ” know what you know and know what you don´t know” Which is basically saying know what you can do and know what you can´t do, so know your limits and work within that boundary and be happy with it. Don´t compare yourself to others. I realised that some time ago and makes life easier and you do appreciate more the small things in your life. I would love to be again the guy that was in shape, had the stamina to write for hours and hours on end, go out more with friends, but reality is that in my situation those days are long past. The writing thing I can work on it and can or should do more writing, but those other examples I gave you I know I can´t, my body doesn´t let me. So I´ve found other things to compensate for those things lost. Life is and ever changing road. Just embrace it.

    Have a great weekend.

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