Listaliciousness: Princesses, White Chocolate, and the Apparently Kid

tree tops

Looking up at the trees near my house

Today was lovely although I felt guilty about not working. Mario, Christine, Mom, and I went to Mass together before my sister left for school. Then, us remaining three went to an art fair near our house. Relaxing with family was amazing despite the looming anxiety of homework and money that is shackled to me.

Anyway, here are my links for the week. Some of the posts or web pages are a bit older, but hopefully you will still find them interesting.

  1. The Princess List – These are some great books about princesses for all ages of children. I have enjoyed many of these books and look forward to reading the rest.
  2. Top 10 ways to use white chocolate – Since other types of chocolate hurt my head, writing this for my internship was fun. It also made me look forward to baking sometime in the future.
  3. Work of Heart – This is a short but powerful post. True art is a work of heart.
  4. Apparently Kid’s First Ever TV Commercial – This kid is so cute! I loved his original video more, but this is sweet too.
  5. The Mystery of the Solar System’s Weirdest Moon Solved, Explained – Time is one of my favorite places to get information. This article fascinates me because I love outer space.
  6. Blake Shelton helps to solve 9/11 mystery and aids military family – My sisters would love to hear this. I am not too much of a country fan, but this story is very sweet.
  7. Moriah Peters – You Carry Me (Official Lyric video) – My mother emailed me this song, and it is so uplifting. Also, the music video is very artsy and clever.
  8. Consuming Dark Histories in Santa Claus Village – This blog post is fascinating and about a little village in Finland that is more than just a tourist attraction.
  9. The Best Art Comes from a Playful Imagination – So true! This is another amazing blog.
  10. Top 10 simple vegetarian dishes – Here is one more story that I wrote for my internship. As a vegetarian, it was hard to choose what to put on this list.

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