One Thousand Thanks: 788 – 798. Inspirational (and Cute) Pins

Many people label social media sites as trivial, shallow, and unhelpful for society. This can be true, however, these websites also have the power to be used for good.

The next few weeks, I am going to find some material from each site (be it a user or something that they posted) and share it with you. These will be items that motivate, encourage, or simply amuse me.

First of all, Pinterest will be explored. This fun and time-consuming site is full of images such as movie quotes, wedding gowns, teacup kittens, and recipe ideas. Sure, it could be seen as frivolous, but one can also gain creativity and inspiration from some of the material. Here are some of the pins and pinners that have helped me.

788. Quote: “People think I am weak. . .” – This goes out to everyone who struggles with suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, etc.

789. Chart of how to sound like you are from London – This infographic shows the British version of American words. It makes me so happy and sad at the same time. I miss you, Oxford!

790. Disney princesses hanging off Mickey Mouse ears – This picture is just so cute! Elsa and Anna are not in it, but I still really like the characters and interpenetration.

791. Victor Hugo’s definition of a writer – This is another amazing quote from a wonderful writer. It really does capture the essence of this difficult but wonderful career.

792.  List of educational websites – I have not visited all of these but hope to sometime.

793. Seeing Aspergers in girls – This list helped me to understand myself so much better. If you have a daughter with Aspergers, please read this.

794. Teachers with senses of humor – Be ready to laugh. This is hilarious.

795. Quote: Write until. . . – This is a beautiful way to look at writing. It seems a bit extreme but so poetic.

796. Quote: Finding the courage to let go – Sometimes, there are negative things holding us back in life that we need to get rid of before we can move forward to a better place. This breathtaking picture helps the quote be even more impactful.

797. Meyers Briggs of Harry Potter characters – Silly but so fun and cute!

798. Quote: It will all work out – Hope in a better life and in God make this final pin a very inspirational one. It lifts my spirit even when I have been struggling.


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