As Long as There is Life, There is Hope

“Living on the streets and being taken advantage of. . .that would be worse than death,” I shuddered as I thought about the moments in my life when running away from home had seemed like the best option for my family.

“Nothing is worse than death,” a male friend remarked. Surprised, I shot him a questioning look. There are many things that I would rather be killed than face.

Then he continued: “When you are alive, there is still hope.”

I never thought about life that way. This trailer has been playing all of the time at the movie theater where I work and reminded me of that statement.

Now, I know many people who disagree with some of the Stephen Hawking’s conclusions. To be honest, he is not someone that I have studied a great deal. However, his disbelief in God differs from my faith. However, he is a truly amazing man who overcome great anguish as well as discovered amazing scientific theories. That is something that all people can appreciate and respect.

One of the messages of the movie seems to be the same as what my friend said: “Where there is life, there is hope.” That is so hard to remember but is very true.

Each day, we are given a chance. There are choices to be made, words to be said, friends to be made, relationships to be broken. So many possibility lie in store that we cannot even imagine. That is overwhelming for me to think about. However, that also brings great hope.

Today I am alive. That is inspiring in and of itself.


6 thoughts on “As Long as There is Life, There is Hope

  1. I think that is true. Hope can help people survive a lot of things. As long as you are alive, there is a chance that things will get better.

  2. mary says:

    I think you are right and your friend is wrong. He is right that being taken advantage of or tortured is not worse then death, (and life gives hope). But if there where nothing worse then death, all martyrdom would be suicide. Sin is worse then death. God mentioned that once. (Matt 18:6) – Just a thought

    • That is true of life and death if you are only thinking in earthly terms. That is where I was coming from before talking with my friend. Martyrdom, we would at least assume from Scripture, would bring one to eternal life. Death, in the end, would be sin, if one is thinking about life and death in eternal ways. But I agree with you if we are speaking in the earthly sense of the word.

  3. mary says:

    good point.

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