Listaliciousness: Creative Pancakes, Being the “Good Girl” and Book Bucket List

Weeping willow

This is in honor of my amazing friend Hannah who I think is like a willow tree. She helped me through some rough times this week.

Hm. That is what I am feeling right now. It is a sound of satisfaction, exhaustion, and a hint of resignation to another week of business starting.

That being said, today went pretty well. Finally, I accomplished all of the hours needed this week for my internship. That took over seven hours today. Meanwhile, I also accomplished paying for (nearly) all of this semester of university, going to Mass, dropping off overdo library books, and watching Once Upon a Time. Like I said, this was a long day. Now, I just need a bath before going to bed. Another long week is ahead of me.

Anyway, here is a list of some articles that I have written this past week as well as blogs, videos, and other interesting things that caught my interest. Hopefully they will be inspiring, amusing, or educational for you as well!

  1. Video: The Good Lie Trailer – Wow, this movie looks amazing! I want to see it so bad.
  2. Top 10 creative pancakes – My eating disorder would be terrified to eat this, but I would love to try most of them some day. It was fun compiling this list for my internship.
  3. Lumosity – This website trains your brain with fun games in different categories. I try to do it each day as a way to warm up my thoughts before doing homework.
  4. Top 10 recipes for celebrating National Ice Cream Cone Day – Did you know that we just had National Ice Cream Cone Day? Well, I don’t think it is too late to celebrate. This is another article for my internship.
  5. Photo of the Day: Writer’s Retreat – This is a great little picture of where a writer would love to live. It makes me happy even if it is not a real place.
  6. Being the “Good Girl” – This came from deep in my heart about how I feel like I must be good all of the time. Writing this was a wonderful release.
  7. On Being – This website is full of amazingly deep podcasts by Krista Tippett. She talks about religion, hope, relationships, education, and more.
  8. Celebrity Kindness: Former NFL player Ricardo Silva now teaches high school – This guy really impressed me the more that I researched him. Way to go, Ricardo, supporting Teach for America!
  9. The Book Bucket List of a Twenty-Something – There are lots of wonderful books here that I look forward to reading and others that I loved. It is a pretty diverse list too with memoirs, poetry, and fiction.
  10. Top 10 recipes with cherries – These are one of my favorite fruits, so I liked writing this list. It is hard to narrow down the recipes though.

2 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: Creative Pancakes, Being the “Good Girl” and Book Bucket List

  1. ladygracet says:

    You really do like lists, don’t you. To be fair they are pretty fun. Also the ‘Good Girl’ article you wrote was very good.

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