One Thousand Thanks: 799 – 809. Calming and Refreshing Scents


Flowers smell lovely!

Sensory issues have always been part of my life. Too much light, sound, or action make me very tense and unable to cope. This is a normal part of Aspergers I learned later in life.

However, scent is one sense that I have often felt devoid of having. Sometimes, my nose works too well, but usually I struggle to smell what others do.

More recently, however, people have begun to tell me that I smell good. At the same time, I have started to like certain lotions, foods, and flowers for their scents. Thus, having a list about smells I am thankful for seemed like a nice way to note how this often forgotten scent makes an impact on our lives.

799. Peppermint or plain mint – Few things relax me as much as those scents. Cookies, lotion, tea, soaps – all of it is wonderful.

800. Melted cheese – What is it about cheese that smells so good? It is triggering for me and scary but wonderful at the same time.

801. Laundry soap – This reminds me of my mother for some reason. That brings back calming memories.

802.  Licorice tea – I may not be a huge licorice fan, but I love this tea!

803. Fall air – The exact smell of fall is hard for me to pin down and label. However, the air is crisp and full of aromas.

804. Any flower – There are really too many to choose from to pick just a few.

805. Apple orchards – Whether flowering in the spring or harvesting in the fall, these are wonderful places to be.

806. Fresh fruit – It is even better if you bite into it usually. Oh, my eating disorder hates that comment, but it is so true!

807. Shampoo – Some smell better than others. Yet the universal smell of most is really good.

808. Lipsmackers or flavored chapsticks – These are dangerous, I tell you! Many times, my sisters and I chewed on them because they smelled too good.

809. Baking granola – When my mother makes this, my heart sings. Finally, I am brave enough to eat some for desserts.


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6 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 799 – 809. Calming and Refreshing Scents

  1. celinemurray says:

    I’m in love with scents (and therefore a Bath & Body addict), and you’re so right! They are one of the most calming things possible. There’s something so amazing about the emotion that can be evoked by something as simple as smell. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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