Listaliciousness: Waving Whales, Seeking Help, and World Vegetarian Day


My cat, Princess, ran right up to me the moment that my car drove up yesterday.

This weekend has been both too long and too short. Sweet moments at my job slipped away as did the few hours that I spent with my family on Saturday evening into Sunday morning. Meanwhile, the hours on end without an breaks on my feet running about dragging on for ions (or so it seemed).

Today, I stood up to myself at work. Someone above me scolded me for drinking some vitamin water on the job because we are no longer allowed to use big glasses. The small ones are disposable and not big enough for what I am supposed to drink during the day. Having liquid is a challenge already. When I was reprimanded, my first instinct was to apologize and beat myself up over breaking a rule. Instead, I looked him in the eye and said, “I need this for medical reasons.” Although a bit taken aback, he said that was alright then and left. Thinking back makes me wonder if I should have just nodded and listened or pushed back a bit. I am not sure.

Anyway, here are some links from the week. Most are just a bit silly, but I hope that you enjoy them still.

  1. The whale who thought he could fly: Amazing moment humpback is captured leaping out of the water (and even manages a wave) – The name says it all. This made me so happy simply because it is cute.
  2. Celebrity Kindness: Matthew McConaughey encourages football team during practice – I wrote this for my internship. It is a rather strange story but sweet too. Celebrities are humans too. That is important to remember.
  3. What’s it Like to Be a Cat – BBC put this out. Even if you are not a cat-lover, you might enjoy this educational and charming piece.
  4. Picture: Captain Hook and Emma Swan – This couple from the TV show Once Upon a Time is so fun and sweet. Who would have thought Captain Hook would be so charming?
  5. Michael Phelps to Seek Help Following DUI Arrest – Hearing that he was struggling pained me. However, his response is very courageous and wise. I hope the very best for him in this new journey in his life.
  6. Video: Who You Are – A friend sent this to me on Facebook, and then one of the people higher up at my university (who I deeply respect) did as well. It is such an affirming video for me as a woman of faith.
  7. How Mirka Got Her Sword – This is a graphic novel about a Jewish girl in a sheltered town. I just read and reviewed it on GoodReads. If you want a quick and fun read, this is a good novel to pick up.
  8. No Harm Intended and Other Aspects of This Aspie Girl – Wonderful blog post! It was very easy to identify with and well written.
  9. Top 10 vegetarian dishes from around the world – I wrote this in honor of World Vegetarian Day (October 1) for my internship. Being a vegetarian made it more fun.
  10. It’s On Us – This website is about protecting people from rape and other such abuses. It has really impressed me and is such an important issue.

2 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: Waving Whales, Seeking Help, and World Vegetarian Day

  1. MEM says:

    Every supervisor at work should be willing to allow the employees in his or her care to do what is necessary to take care of themselves. Not only will the employees do a better job if they are healthy and well, but also it is important that the supervisor values the work being offered by the employee. GLAD that you stood up for yourself. A good sign of recovery – you are worth it!

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